Monday, October 8, 2012


Today, we have a million and one reasons to be frustrated, a sea of frowns to swim through is currently drowning out the cries for hope. This is what i wanted to convey with this monsterpiece.
Im not gonna review my own album because i always felt thats corny of an artist to do.
Instead, ill break it down to atoms so you can gain a crystal light insight of how i write, right ?

For those who know me, i never been a one hit or single chaser type of MC,
im a conceptual builder from the lineage of Rakim, Eminem n em.
This is a sort of an " A Day in the life of.... " kinda album. Allow me to take U thru a day wit me ;-)
          < CLICK  on any song title to HEAR the FULL record if u feel like freeloading lol  >

THE 1ST 48
                              ( The First 48 )  I wanted to set the album off with just a ill word orgy
 to show the listeners where they was headed. Those who know about the NGE,
yall know the numerology and the studies so you know we do that almost second nature-like.
I didnt want just a nondescript verse somebody's gonna fast forward as a bullshit intro.
i said BOOM! , imma do 48 bars straight,  since it IS the intro, imma call it the FIRST 48.
To set it off, i found a episode of the show, sampled that, came up with the production,
put the nails in the coffin, and the first body was on the sidewalk....

Frinda Phoe
           ( Frinda Phoe ) Thats just a reflection of when you reach a point in your life,
or career or what have you, and you stop biting your tongue
 cuz you been sensing heat for a while, from ones closest to you.
i know for a futhamuckin fact every one of us wore them pants to school at least once.
So, thats was the energy, i studied all of you in silence, now im ASKIN out loud,
you my FRIEND or my FOE ? But im also SAYIN, YO! i already know which way you gone go, that's the secret to how Bruce Leeroy achieved his glow.
Its like a jab at a dude who hang around you but, he despise you on some level.
Then on the entandre of that, its a slap at a bitch like " do you just see something in it for you,
 or do you see something in me " . It's like, if you have a woman and you're an MC for example,
if she want nothing to do with you in that element she ain't for you or behind you,
but she will definitely willfully take the benefits if it happens for you.
 Just Real Talk, niggas or Bitches, the same deception....
Check these few bars for example: 
" Mercy me, mami marriage material, but my money on her mind n she ain't helpin me make it. "
" Hustled so i earned every penny i'm about to see/ let me get this straight,
 i owe you niggas for doubtin me ? " ( Those two bars give u a nutshell full of gunpowder residue )

Carrot Cake
' Carrot Cake ' - I cant even write this one in parenthesis.
I really wanted to just deliver it simple as pie. This is how you bake a cake,
showin U how to grind. So u know, each ingredient is a different move you make as u grind.
 you blend em and get your cake, thats your trap bein sprung, whether its legal or street.
Anybody that works in anyway for their bread can relate to the thirst for cheese
 and how the maze can have us. I just wanted to touch on that like a catholic priest.
 The tails of the coin is that the darkside of the grind comes in.
You get those who feel you owe them, usually just cuz u know them,
so i just wanted to show them woah! slow ya role bro'hem.
And Its also to prepare folks who havent started this road yet, for whats ahead of them.
The icing on the cake is conquering all the missteps n bad measurements
 and getting it out the oven how you want and finally sittin down
with that cold ass glass of milk ( SILK for me, if possible )
and lookin at your accomplishment before you devour it.
I painted that scenery satisfactory for self.

The skits and everything,  i designed to flow with the album a certain way,
shape it like i usually do but with less reliance on traditional sonics and all.
i always do but i freak the bitch in a way that gives it that HIPHOP knock
 so you never feel as it's gone. Like, if i sampled Shania Twain,
you would still know its a rap record, unless i made it to be otherwise.

She Look Yummy
( She look Yummy )
This was done initially for one of my family formely of WU-TANG MANAGEMENT.
Its still in the works so i dont wanna speak on it until details are ironed out
and we get some newtorks poppin, ABC might be needin me soon , who knows but,
 the concept of the song is really settin the story of the album.
By now, u got the intro, you got the telling of who's who,
you got the grind being foreshadowed, then you have the day unraveling..
last night was wild, now my hairy ass in the shower sad cuz mami left for work.
thats WHY im blue lol. So then, we have the ride to the store, BOOM !
 im in the wheel @ the light, my homey calls and im talkin to him but,
i see a shorty at the bus stop so im describin her to him.
Last verse, im in line at the market, and its another hottie at the register
( My mind's in overload like omg, i would love to smash dat,
but i cant wifey nigga, wifey ! lol )All three circumstances just coincide with the title.

Power Nap
Power nap ( 30 Minutes ) was another numeric entandre. Just like first 48 was how many ?
Power nap is 30 bars. its a short story describin gettin the house ready for wifey,
 after all the street runnin, grabbin the weed, cleanin up,
 then takin a quick half hour nap before she's expected home.
Its followed by the single " Time and a half "
 Which goes into detail about the day she's had at work
 and the night i have planned for her and ends wit the conclusion of her arriving
and the plan being puttin into proper production, patna !


i wanted to close the album, not just on a metaphoric note but with a literal overtone
 that would have a visual sound, if that phrase means sense to u lol.
It was like a " John Q" situation where im like " I walk in the room, put my gun on the desk,
dare nobody to move n i state my case but im lettin you know, you can kill me where i stand but,
 im not leavin without my briefcase ! Whats in the briefcase is whatever YOU want it to be,
same as me. Im tellin these rich devils , " Yo! i got yall kids bein picked up from school,
im willin to lose my life in here, im not negotiating, what you have BELONGS TO ME,
and i will not DEBATE you for it. the song's preceeded by another skit/numeric entandre.
Its the "16th floor". just as simple but, harder to deliver.
You got 16 bars to describe a ride to he 16th floor in a elevator
 and you gotta make it interesting and tie it to the next song while keepin the story
 and characters consistent and swaggin it out and creatin the atmosphere
 that you sorta forget its an album, its sounds almost like audio of somebody
really just describin this event. The conclusion is....#GetYOURS!!!

In a world full of bullshitters, transparent frienemies, foes and struggle,
Frowns aint hard to be found, especially if you black or anywhere near brown...

Thats it, i leave yall to write your own reviews, if you wanna email me them,
do so at, i will post your review if you want,
i love all criticism.
Peace, Heiwa and Hotep.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

THREE WORDS......Life Is Good!
More than just a positive mantra to live by, arguably hiphop's greatest MC "NAS" embodies such a spirit on his tenth studio album. That's nine since illmatic you sunza bitches! The once chipped tooth kid with the "fuck tomorrow motto" is alive and fresh as ever on this outing and seems bent on cherishing his present while speculating the future. The past is not at all lost on him nether, as evident from the first searing track, sarcastically titled "NO INTRODUCTION". Over a piano ensemble that builds into drastic strings and theatrical drumrolls, he gets right to business explaining why exactly life is indeed good from his perspective. Sounding crisp as new Dickies while he reminisces on what got him from that project bench to madison Square Garden, its apparent he intends to leave no lyrical stone unturned this go round. The genius continues next as NO I.D delivers a hypnotic 90's esque backdrop complete with train riding sound effects and turbulance, Mr. Jones spits a few miles of gravel for us trapped in the glory days of the game. LOCO-MOTIVE is a double entendre strictly for the streets. I can see the video for this one. All kinds of people on that sub car while he rhymes to the public via animated posters on the walls. 2012 is here indeed.

Once "QUEENS STORY" hits, All hell breaks loose! The assault begins with Salaam Remi's racing violins and whirlwind horns, leaving Nas alone to tell one of the jaw droppinest stories of his career. "Goosebumps cover me, momma's here i can feel her /blood of christ covers me, our savior and healer. " Put ya glass high...Adrenaline increases as THE DON addresses wanna be gangstas on "ACCIDENT MURDERERS" with the aid of Ricky Rozay. Nothing short of a banger, the instrumentation alone sends chills as the two MCs trade sizzling verses, complementing each others chemistry respectively.
One listen to DAUGHTERS instantly brings ONE LOVE to mind. Just as visual and poignant, NO I.D. again captures the lightening in a bottle. Mary j shows up to spread love on REACH OUT. The throwback samples, classic drums and concise rhyming makes this another to keep on repeat, while CHERRY WINE reminds you exactly what a huge talent we lost in Amy Whinehouse :(

. The only slow moment that really shows up is on SUMMER ON SMASH. More Miguel and less Swizzy would've worked better, but thats just me. Lyrically its a gem that should definitely give radio what they want and smash the clubs right next to the THE DON, R.I.P. Heavy D! Another pristine piece of production is STAY, one of Esco's best performances of the whole project is here. When he said this project would resemble Marvin Gaye's "HERE,MY DEAR" he was dead serious. Between BYE BABY and ROSES, a sense of closure of the KELIS situation approaches.
The sharp wit, passion, flow, lyrical dexterity and overall formulation of this album succeeds where a few of his previous releases missed the mark. HIPHOP IS DEAD was close. UNTITLED was closer.
"Hood forever, i just act like im civilized. really whats in my mind is organizin a billion black muthafuckas to take over J.P. Morgan, Goldman n Saks n teach the world facts n give Saudi their oil back. "...... At this point, my only real gripe is that AZ didn't make the cut. Ah Well, im hearin the album wit Preemo is next up, maybe we will get Allah Zig on that joint. Well balanced beats matched with heavily focused and layered rhymes alone make not a great NAS album. The storytelling is the key. BLACK BOND is not only cinematic, the flow crazy as Mitt Romney's political supporters! On THE WORLD IS AN ADDICTION,
Anthony hamilton lends his powerful vocal cadence to one of the sickest concepts ever uttered from Nasir Jones. rather than try to describe it, i'll give you the third verse below so you can judge for self.
YOU WOULDNT UNDERSTAND and BACK WHEN are so classic in sound, its spooky lol
In summation, its time to clear space on your CD rack or IPOD again. One more heater to add to the collection, i aint gotta go no further in depth. Yall know what it's like, this'll be in your system every night :-)


So many vices, habits; mine of course, bad chicks
My response to any advice on what is the essentials of life
I'm just rebellious, not selfish

Guess we all share different definitions of what wealth is
I need the best things in life -- that's women, that’s cars
Cigars in Venice, bottle on ice, that’s priceless
The other night, just in the emergency room
A patient said she needs to see a doctor soon

Doctor busy operating on a lady who's sedated
He can barely concentrate, cause he’s newly separated
His estranged wife likes entertaining her acquaintance
In the house they were married in, mad people waiting

Some young some old, heads and stomachs aching
Filling out an application, cause they all need medication
But the doctor need love or a quick vacation, calling up his travel agent
Same time, premeditating murdering his ex wife
Life, savage ain't it
Some need Xanax, just to maintain it
We all need faith cause the world keep changing
Let go of the illusion, start some restraining...


Wednesday, February 1, 2012


                                          words by : MaxxSteeltheGOD for GodCiphaRadio

One word started it all..... " Sweet " .

By now we've all heard ( those of us who haven't been under a rock ) that veteran MC- Common had sum sharp words for Young Money newcomer -Drake. For those of us educated enough in the culture, we KNOW that "Rap battling" is a part of said culture and its here to STAY. Before I get into the gritty of which lyricist will be the victor/victim, i'd like to tap into the similarities and differences of each MC.
First, we have the aforementioned vet -Com, I'll break him down into atoms first. The reward of history shows us a complex man and artist that has always been a well balanced individual. From "Ressurection" to " The Bitch in You!" or from " The Sixth Sense " to "The light" we have gotten to witness layers of Rashid being revealed through time. Just as L.L. Cool J made manifest through classics such as " I'm Bad" and " I need love" , the formally known Com Sense has effortlessly intertwined his loyalty to God, his love and or lust for women, his views on political issues and his appetite for destruction of a hiphop cipher. Fast forward to the present. In today's climate, we have a presumably large percentage of the hiphop generation that has no knowledge or memory of such glory days. Its more than evident when you hear individuals making statements that " Comm isn't a great lyricist" or "He isn't a battle rapper",etc . Again, history would reward those individuals with facts of the contrary. 

Next, we have Young Money's next up to batter " Drake"... before I dissect the homey, let me make it clear that I fux wit Drake. There isn't much of a difference between the two MC's as far as content goes.
I feel Drizzy's nowhere near com from a lyrical standpoint or skillwise but, his talent is definitely worth the accolades he has received. I sing along to "Find your love" and I'm not one of those so called purists who cringe when he rhymes. To me, he's actually a breath of fresh air at times. However, Drizzy falls into the same trap most his present class of musicians have. Small doses of his music ( Just like Weezy,Ms.Minaj,etc ) is the best remedy for such problems since a HIT record resulting in ten to twenty more knock-offs of THAT record tend to follow.
" Best I ever Had " seemed to be a blueprint for many of his later records. In other words... stylistically,sonically,
conceptually and even lyrically, his sound begins to become monotone and predictable- sometimes even to the point one could imagine him and producer 40 sitting there with production and verse templates grafting one song directly into the next one.
Onto the BEEF!

Those who understand the game can discern the difference between a RAP BATTLE and true beef. Notorious B.I.G. and 2Pac had a BEEF that although was personal and bubbled to the surface through rap records, it was NOT simply a rap battle. NAS and JAY-Z is a prime example of such a situation. Furthermore, this situation mirrors KRS ONE and NELLY more than anything. Kris made subliminal remarks about those "Fakin it til they make it" and newcomer NELLY responded and was later crushed. ( he admits today he was in the wrong for challenging the "teacher" and I believe their beef has been squashed ).. Drake's first mistake was responding to Comm's subliminal shots. For example, if I was to say on record " Death to all BITCH NIGGAS!" And MC WhoeverTheFuck responds sayin " I ain't no bitch nigga" how does he get any respect? In the back of his mind he must know he's a bitch. Only a fool responds to a subliminal diss for, even Jay Z named T-Pain in "Death of Autotune".. Drizzy's next mistake after the puttin the knife in his own neck is to call out Common and then remain SILENT after the shots are thrown. On one hand, he killed his chances of using certain circumstances to his advantage. Comm has already addressed the Serena Williams situation so, one can only use that against him in conjecture. He ( Common ) has also stated this is just a challenge in the hiphop arena to spar SKILLS, ain't no BEEF involved in this. Drizzy's stans will claim Drake won't respond because comm wants his attention or is jealous and or desperate ? Pardon my break in professionalism but, are u dickblowers INFUCKINSANE? Attention? From who? Comm's fanbase exceeds Drizzy in every possible medium. Comm performed @ the white house for our commander in chief recently
( Lightening Obama has confirmed the chicago MC being on his Ipod back in 08)
He's all over Hollywood ( Terminator 4, Happy Feet, Street Kings,etc ) I doubt he needs attention from Young Money's groupies lol. Also, not too long ago, when "Nicki Minaj" was warring with "Lil Kim", Drizzy jumped in the middle of it ( I thought that was a chickfight ? ) but now we have HIM being challenged and he wants none?. Why is his producer speaking up for him? I don't know about them but where I come from, if u gettin in the mix with chicks and won't stand up to a man...YOOZA BITCH! Period.

I cannot forget about LUDA either. Drizzy also got into a tift with BigSean over who biting who when in reality CHRIS was using said style before either new jack. Luda was also given a "no comment" approach. I wonder why that is.....
Me personally, i'd like to see them go back n forth for a bit and collab soon afterwards. It makes for good representation of the game, those who disagree are in denial ( smile )
( Didnt Drake also claim Yeezy n Hov BIT the watch the throne idea off him n wayne too ? ) I guess he wasnt aware Duos like red/Meth Jay?R.Kelly etc. already existed as well...the nerve of an imitator claiming originality lol.....
 As my man SWAY ( from Sway n Tech's Wake up show) asserted, ya money n status don't mean shit in the arena of HIPHOP. If you start proclaiming greatness and thrones you gotta prove it!
The sages understood this and adhered to such. These cowards running around with false egos n STUDIO gangster confidance need to know they lanes. " you gone fuck around n make me catch a body like that" ?????????????????????

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Peace. Friends, family, fans both fellows n females.
I'd like to personally thank you for helping my first worldwide available album become a success.
#ReEvolution was released April 1st,2011 courtesy of Island DefJam Music Group
The album features up and coming Philly MCs, poets and singers as well as veterans from across the map.
WU-TANG CLAN ( Royal Fam ) MC "Timbo King" makes an appearance as well.
In honor and thanks for all your listens, FREE downloads and purchases so far, we
are now giving away the digital (MP3 version) of the album FREE when you purchase the CD!
We've simplified the process for you. In two short steps, you're at checkout and ready to BANG!
 step 1: Purchase your CD for $10 plus $4.95 shipping and
2: you will be emailed a SPECIAL CODE to download your album for FREE. Thats It

Click the link  below for your FREE digi download  ( comes with every CD purchase )

Thanks again for your support so far, and for your continued support
                                                                                                          -MaxxSteeltheGOD and A-MillyonIdeazEntertainment™

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Call and Response - Justis Hype

1. MSG: What is your official title at Wu-Tang Management?
JH: Promotions manager and program director for wu tang radio, general promotions... mannnnnnnn I'm CEO of Getting the word out! all that good shit!

 2. MSG: The 36 Chambers School Of Emceeing is underway, what is your involvement with the competition?
JH: I'm more-so a supporter. I'm not really hands on with all issues but I'm there if the team needs me, I set up chairs up if they need me! I'm there for the camp but the day to day administrative work, I'm not associated with that directly. I am however hands on with the worldwide DJ Coalition.
So far we're @ least 400 DJs Deep, over 39 states, we attacking all countries from the inside out! I'm really excited about that. We got em from micro to macro levels, internet to XM and beyond.

3: MSG: The music climate, industry and technology has evolved since Deep Space 9 ( the Original Generals ) entered the arena, what expectations do you have for the new class of Shaolin Pupils?
JH: My expectations is for them to do exactly what the school is designed for. Add on to this legacy. Its a quite unique situation compared to how the generals came through. There are so many techniques for promotion and overall support for artists that are here now that haven't been fully recognized. I feel the new students will definitely capitalize without conforming.
I personally look for artists that will be also business savvy, not just artists. They have to bring something new to the table, we are evolved so our ideas have to.

4. MSG: What's the most fulfilling part of your job,career thus far?
JH: Imma say this, its really a tie. 1)  being a Dj. Being able to control the crowd, play WHAT I want WHEN I wanted and 2) seeing a artist I work with evolve n get a deal signed...
watching my fruit grow, to witness one grow from a seed and form his own tree. 
 That's the circle of life, I ain't lyin' I'm a king!

5. MSG: O.D.B. is no longer here with us, describe him to me in ONE word
JH: Realistic!


6: MSG: Liquid Swords or Cuban Linx?
JH: That's like two different books. One more-so takes me through all the street levels and one digs a lot deeper on a whole different level so my answer would really depend on my state of mind at the time. Ask me Monday i'd say Cuban Linx, on Thursday i'd say Liquid Swords   

7:MSG: There's a glass of wine on the table, is it red or white?
JH: White!, it's transparent so I can see through it...

To keep up with Justis and the rest of the management team,
log on to

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Call and Response - Sophie Heng

1. MSG: When did you decide "shooting people" would be your lifetime passion?
SH: When every event and interesting faces makes me want to pull out my camera and figure out how can I capture this moment.

2. MSG: How long have you been a photographic sniper?
SH: Since I was a teenager, I always had a disposable. Shooting professionally for a couple of years now. I am still learning and growing, developing my own personal style.

3. MSG: If you could switch professions for one day, what would it be?
SH: This one is hard cause i want to do so much. I would pick from one extreme to the next one. I would be a lawyer. I always love the way they talk their way out of everything! And i would be Beyonce. I love her stage presence. That girl can shake it like a Polaroid picture.

4. MSG: If you could rap, what would your MC name be?
SH: I always wanted to be an MC at one point of my childhood. MC Shai. Like that comic book character. Google her. She is bad. Chopping dudes up with her sword and fighting demons. Plus she is sexier than Chung Li.

5. MSG: How do you balance being a mother and a workaholic?
SH: There is no balance. It is impossible but it has to be done. If I keep thinking I can be super woman I will burn myself out and it has gotten to that point at one time or another, ok several times. Some times I can't get to the dishes or the Laundry. I just have to realize that it will be ok. No one can judge me accept for God. I just have to do the best and as much as I can, when I can.

6. MSG: There's a bottle of Saki on the mantle, is it half full or empty?
SH: You are in the wrong house. I don't drink that stuff. And If there were a bottle, it would be empty and in the trash.

7. MSG: Any words of wisdom you would like to leave the readers with?
SH: Whatever it is you strive for in life make sure that it is fueled by passion. Passion is the force behind your dreams. If you don't have passion for what you are doing, you are in the wrong line of work. Always know that you are where you are because you are supposed to be there. Stay encouraged.

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Money:Album Review

I'm Movin on everything n I ain't bluffin!
For those not familiar, its time for you to get! PERIOD!
Back when everything was still REAL, cats like DV AliasKhryst were a rare breed. Still are to a certain degree. When I first heard the GOD, he was smashin Hooks wit Shyheim the Rugged Child,Trigger the Gambler n Smooth The Hustler. Do the knowledge, that's waaaaaaaaaaaay before Drake n Young Money. Pay Homage. After a hiatus, DV returns without a step lost. Its evident from the moment the EP starts, He's serious as he's ever been. All or nothing is just what the title implies. Complete with a sinister backdrop, the Don returns to claims what's his and nothing less than. A breath of Fresh air indeed. In the midst of cookie cutter instrumentation, redundant content and overall predictable songwriting- Khryst chooses to purposely color outside of the lines. Eyes Wide Shut is a rebel MC's Wet Dream. The hard hitting drums,screamin guitars n choirs set the scene perfectly as DV and his right arm man -G.S. kick that Anti Anti! "Pay attention the hood's bein gentrified/n this time the revolution is televised." Middle Finger Music at it's best.

Immediately following, we have "Forever" in the aftermath. " I'm not Bitter, I just speak from the heart pal! " More than a shot at the critics who write him off as such, its a testament to ALL artists marginalized for simply being honest with themselves and their fanbases respectively. "Get Down" is a freestyle track, short n sweet while "Give me the strength" speaks to the outcast with that fire in his blood, tryin to get away from the snakes surrounding him. Real Soldiers relate.
The Pinnacle is "The Show Must Go On" as DV recites
" to be great you must surround yourself with greatness" Put that on repeat young Scrap!
< My crew can't go for that Video : Trigger The Gambler, Smooth The Hustler, DV Alias Khryst >

You can Download DV Alias Khryst's EP below for FREE!

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