Wednesday, June 8, 2011

MaxxSteelTheGOD presents....Re-Evolution ( April 1st, 2011 )

April 1st,2011 marked Philly MC/Producer and Independant label " A-MillyonIdeazEnt™ " owner's first worldwide distributed Album courtesy of a freshly inked distribution deal with Island DefJam Music Group. The album features the breakout single "Peechez" starring soul crooner Chad Anthony as well as the gem "The Day I Became GOD" featuring Wu-Tang ( Royal Fam )'s Timbo King. Contributions also come from artists " Dres of ( BlackSheep ), Wise Intelligent of ( Poor Righteous Teachers ), Mrs. Betty's Son, Ms. Wise, Amun Miraaj and more...
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Call and Response - Popa Wu

1. MSG: You have been with the Wu since the very beginning , did you always know the generals would soon be known worldwide?
PW: Yes Indeed

2. MSG: You are most recognized for dropping jewels throughout the Clan's albums, have you ever at some point been a MC yourself? If so let me hear a lil sumthin ( just kiddin lol )
PW: I Always Been A MC Rather It's Rappin Or Building On The Truth

3. MSG: The 36 Chambers School Of Emceein is underway, what do you feel is the most important element needed by a student to make it through all the tests?
PW: Jus B Ur Self @ Win Every Battle

4. MSG: In your own words, who was Ason Unique aka the ol Dirty Chinese restaraunt to you?
PW: He Was The True @ ( Live-ing God )

5. MSG: What's an average day like for popa Wu?
PW: Teaching The Babies The Truth, That Wat Make My Day .

6. MSG: There's a glass on the table, is it half full or empty?
PW: Its Full...

7. MSG: Anything wise words you would like to leave us with?
PW: Think 5 Times B4 U Speak

MSG: Peace to the GOD, and thanks for your time!
PW: Peace @ Luv....

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Call and Response - Don Henry

 Welcome back yall! another day, another call and response. Don Henry is a great friend of mine. We used to work with each other at Philly international Airport. I have had the honor to perform at one of his youth football games ( don't worry i kept it clean for the youngins lol ) He's an overall force in his community, a tireless business man and commited father. Give us a thousand more Dons and the hood will began to sparkle again! His team Dynasty dragons have won championships across state lines as well as home. Saying i'm proud of my young brother is an understatement. I see greatness!

1. MSG: How long have you been coaching The Dynasty Dragons?
DH: I have been coaching dynasty dragons for 6 yrs this is my 7th,  2011.

2. MSG: Did you ever aspire to play Pro Football yourself?
DH: I sure did. You couldn't tell me I wasn't going to the league, it was all I dreamed about since I was about 6 yrs old. I played semi pro for 12 yrs. I still dream. Its not playing though its coaching now, at its apex.

3. MSG: You do a lot of community outreach work, what is the most gratifying part of the job?
DH: The most gratification I get is respect from the youth. They recognize that they have to perform to a high standard on and off the field, when you have one of the players talk to you about personal issues it shows they trust you. That is gratifying.

4: MSG: What kind of impact do you see men such as yourself having on the lives of the kids that sign up for your programs?
DH: The impact we have is great because the youth of today need a lot of attention to keep them occupied in a positive manner. Structure, work ethic, accountability and love, these are all life skills they need to perform at a high level whatever it is they want do or become, we feed the need saving lives through sports.

5. MSG: How do you manage your homelife with your professional? Any tips for the readers?
DH: It's hard because its so demanding. When you have a Passion for something it works itself out because Passion can't be thwarted in any kind of way. True family and friends know your working towards something great and they want you to succeed so they usually understand. It's very tricky, problems occur when family and friends don't want to understand what the fire inside is all about. Sometimes you have to be selfish to become great.

6. MSG: If you could switch careers for ONE day, what would u pick?
DH: I would say a professional football player , playing in the superbowl.... or Hugh Hefner.

7. MSG: What's your final thought? The world's listening...
DH: My final thought is - Time is too short to put off for tomorrow what you can do today. Go get it! your gonna get beat up knocked down laughed at but, at the end of the day you showed the heart of warrior and kept fighting until you won. Remember- " hard work defeats talent when talent dosent work hard. " Who you wit! dragons all day. Peace.