Saturday, June 4, 2011

Call and Response - Twinn Loco

1. MSG: When did you fall in love with hiphop?
TL: When I first heard 2Pac's music... as soon as I heard the track Pain I was hooked, everything I knew as music became amplified. The production complimented 2Pac perfectly and I had the track on repeat - it was from here I picked up numerous 2Pac albums and became a big fan of his music. Listening to the different 2Pac albums I became familiar with the artists that he worked with, from here I started listening to music like Shock G, Snoop and Dre and all the other affiliated artists and digging in to this music just lead me on a journey discovering new artists right up until this day.

2. MSG: I also see, you're a songwriter, will you be putting out some of your own music in the future?
TL: That's always been something that I have considered. I am a creative person at heart, creativity is what keeps me sane - it's a release from any other stress that people bring to your life. Just knowing exactly how I will contribute with my own music is what is holding me back right now, I am still trying to figure out the platform on which to perform - but when I do discover that platform, there will be no holding me back. This is why I chose to become a songwriter on a deeper level, to ghostwrite for other artists... it allowed me to continue to pen my thoughts to the pad and be creative, I just take every day as it comes and if today is the day that I create my own music then that's what it will be.

3. MSG: Do you feel the media is too harsh on the content of today's hiphop music or are they justified?
TL: To be honest with you, the media will always hold hip hop and the artists in a light which makes us as a culture look bad. They have done it to 2Pac and his music claiming that he promoted a thug lifestyle which was detremental to the youth - now that alone gives me reassurance that the general media have no clue what they are talking about when it comes to hip hop, of all artists... 2Pac creating a bad image for the youth? he did more for the youth than any pop artist, r&b artist you will see. To answer your question more direct, the media is not justified in what they say, they like to run with a story and blow it out of proportion. Of course you will get the occasional hip hop artist that will create a bad image for hip hop but that's what it will be... these type of people are everywhere and that's why the rest of the hip hop culture needs to continue to run our own PR campaign showing the positive side of hip hop.

4. MSG: As a member of the Wu Tang Djs, how do you feel about the wu-competition aka the "36 Chambers School of emceeing?
TL: The Wu-Tang Clan are a great contribution to hip hop, so anything they are affiliated with or associated with will bring positive results. The competition is a great opportunity for all involved and could open some doors for that lucky individual and change their life... who knows what the future holds.

5. MSG: Where do you see yourself artwise, in the next 5/10 years?
TL: I take every day as it arrives. Each day brings new challenges, opportunities and blessings for me so my vision in 5-10 years could be far from what I imagine today. However, I do have a general plan for my life of course and in the next 5-10 years I will be comfortable and stable in my finances, lifestyle etc... 2011 will be a year which I believe will set this off, we have so many great things planned for this year, I honestly believe that. I also have ambitions with my writing, as an artist or even to begin acting... there are so many aspects of life that I still have to discover.
 6. MSG: I Live Hiphop is a great website and is generally catered to grassroots forms of hiphop, was that intentional when you started? If so, why?
TL: Thanks, it's great when people recognise the hard work of everyone involved with the website. Really, I had no intentions when I created "I Live Hip Hop". I mean it started out as a facebook group just to express our love for hip hop and the numbers really picked up and people enjoyed what we were doing. As the numbers continued to grow I recognised we had a loyal audience and decided to take this opportunity to create the website for I Live Hip Hop and even further show our love for the culture and the artists involved. The fans and our staff make I Live Hip Hop the success that it is, so thanks to all our fans and the I Live Hip Hop family... Marco A. Martinez, Unk Funk, Nuff Said, Shawn E. Baker, Ryan Buley, Pamela Taylor, Poetic Slave and SamPaul.

7. MSG: The Glass in front of you is half full or empty?
TL: Always half full. I fully believe that the type of outlook you have on life will be the type of life you lead and hence thats the reason why I always look at life from a positive view... in fact, im often told that I am too positive about everything and it can irritate people but that's life, a positive person is probably a better person to associate yourself with than a negative person so I also look to network with like minded people.
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Friday, June 3, 2011

Call and Response - Mrs. Betty's Son

1. MSG: What is your Official title in the world of Poetry ?
MBS: the street poet, but im so much more cant doubt the fact i got layers,we up.

2. MSG: Do you have a favorite piece of work in your collection?

3. MSG: We recently lost Gil Scott heron, Describe him to me... One word

4. MSG: Who is your favorite writer ? Its Ok to say yourself.

5. MSG: What's next on the menu for u?

6. MSG: There's a glass on the table, half full or empty?

7. MSG: Any last words?

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Call and Response - HustlaJay

1. MSG: When did u fall in love with hiphop?
HJ: since childhood i was born holding a mic on de pam of my hand..and my dad was a dj so since creation

2. MSG: What's ur favorite song of your catalog?
HJ: }minyororo ya haki{chains of rights}

3. MSG: Name ur most infuential artist or group
HJ: Common- a great creativity so poetic

4. MSG: If u could start ya career over,would u?
HJ: nope,  i feel my genesis was great n its hard since I am on my revolution revelation for tomorrows generation...

5.MSG: Where do u see Hiphop in 5/10 years?
HJ: hiphop will be the daily chronicles of our society is will be the tool for change ...the only song of true vibes n teachings...

6. MSG: What's next on the menu for u ?
HJ: working on a new song to show the difference between the rich and the poor..the gap [tajiri maskini

7. MSG: There's a glass on the table, is it half full or empty ?
HJ: in fact am reaching for that glass half full

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Call and Response - Nuff Said

1. MSG: When did u fall in love with hiphop?

 NS: I fell In love with hip hop back in middle school around 1998 .

2. MSG: What's ur favorite song of your catalog?
NS:  da answer is all of my songs really cuz its mainly my own dairy , my own own book , the day to day lessons i learned and wanted to share with of my brothers and sisters , but a special song i wrote i would like to mention is RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE , to help cultivate my listeners Knowledge , a track to add fuel to the fire of revolution around the world , witch is aimed at Ignorance , Dictatorship , and Drug trade ! Nuff Said .... :)

3. MSG: Name ur most infuential artist or group
NS: DITC , Wu Tang , Gangstarr , The Roots , Common, Supastition

4. MSG: If u could start ya career over,would u?
I honestly wouldn't and the reason is i am pretty satisfied with how far i came. i am also satisfied with the connects i reached out to and became in touch with while makin a name for self through networking , the thing that tells me that i am on track and its only a matter of time before i start making them gigantic moves rockin wid da best ..

5.MSG: Where do u see Hiphop in 5/10 years?
NS: we all seen hip hop go down hill in the last decade or so , and the lyrical revolution is coming back hard , cuz true heads and ppl who appreciate good music are getting sick of the wackness in pop-rap these days , so Intellectual lyrical content is comin back and i see another 1994 a head in 5-10 years. With Enough grinding from underground artists and the proper support from Underground labels we can make it happen .

6. MSG: What's next on the menu for u ?

NS: Right Now i am planning an album with one of the most talented people who had personally inspired me to do better. When i first approached him a few years back before i started recording and he kinda ignored me , it gave me the motivation to work even harder and prove that i am about it and steal his attention before any one. thanks to my brother and main man DJ SOTUSURA in Jordan Also Stage performances World wide will follow the album, i am set to feature well established underground artists from the middle east Such as Ramallah Underground , MC Palestine AKA Ledr p ( Sweden ) , Emcee Nejma ( ATL ) , Hanzo The BeatMaker and Emcee Progress ( Sweden ) Elie Nakhle AKA Lipos ( Beirut , Lebanon ) also workin on collaborations from The US And many more ...

7. MSG: Independant or major,which do u favor?
NS: well we all like making money , but I am one person who also likes speakin my mind and Exercising my right to speak freely while makin Enough money to live comfortably. I  am with the underground lyrical movement Its all about the ART FORM and keepin the culture alive so for now Independent ...

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Call and Response - Nyraine

1. MSG: When did u fall in love with hiphop?

NY: I fell in Love with Hip-Hop in the 1st grade. On the first day of school at Lunch time there was a big crowd around the table, I couldn't help but to see what was going on. I saw the older kids rhyming and beating on the table, everybody was smiling & laughing at the punch lines. Kids that didn't even get along with each other was like best friends just for that very moment and that's when I felt the true power of Hip-Hop & I immediately fell in Love!~

2. MSG: What's ur favorite song of your catalog?
  • NY: I hate to have to pick a favorite because I have a special relationship with all songs that I compose :):) (But) Born Universal Truth if I have to pick one I would say "Ny's Joy" which is a tribute song to my Mother, who is my "Old Earth". For many reasons, mainly because of the way it makes people feel when they hear it.Unintentionally at least 80% of the people men & women start to cry when they hear that song. Which I think is amazing and I never expected that song to touch people & make a impact like that. That's my favorite excuse to continue a career in Poetry/Hip-Hop & R&B.

    3. MSG: Name ur most infuential artist or group
    NY: Stevie Wonder is my Favorite Artist. He always spoke about Love which I think when uncondition, its a reflection of Heaven. There's a lot of grace in his artistry & I was super blessed for being given the oppurtunity to sing back up and perform in front of millions of people all over the world along side him at the 1995 billboard awards.

    4. MSG: If u could start ya career over,would u?
    NY: No.. I wouldn't change a thing.

    5.MSG: Where do u see Hiphop in 5/10 years?
    NY: More Poetic :):) I see lyrical content being vauled a lot more and I plan on being responsible for most of that.

    6. MSG: What's next on the menu for u ?
    NY: Underground Rail Road Tour this June 2011. I have up and coming projects titled "Style of a Street Poet" & "Street Astrology" so be on the look out 4 that. Finally, the 36 Chambers School of Emceeing Competition

    7. MSG: Independant or major,which do u favor?
    NY: It completely depends. It takes the perfect combanation of talent, money & connections to shine at a extremely recognizable level sometimes it can be done independantly and sometimes it takes a major everybody is different and what works for one person might not work for you. I do a little of both.
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang : Album Review

" Can i get a juice Lord? "- Raekwon from "Troublemakers" Hilarious!
Rae is as animated as ever. Fast forward only a few short months after ghost's "Apollo Kids" sizzled the airwaves, The Chef returns precisely where Cuban Linx 2 left off. After a brief cinematic intro between two clan members in turmoil, sampled directly from a classic shaolin vs wu flick, Rae jumps right into the mix with his kitana already bloody. The production alone sounds as if he's coming for blood. " you shoot n we spray / kill of them old buzzards" Classic Lex Diamond shit! The story mode kicks into high gear by the time Tony Starks makes his first appearance on "Silver Rings" and just as you get into the wicked groove, the tracks abruptly switches and we enter "Chop Chop Ninja" . Here we hear Rae fighting his way through an assassination attempt, the song sets the tone early and lets you know we're in for a hell of a classic tale. " He threw a kick at me / I backslapped him / i pulled out the mack, he kicked it outta my hand , how real that? " Brilliant at least. Accompanied by Inspectah deck sounding a decade younger and Estelle shadowboxing on the hook , Chef definitely cooked up an anthem with this one. "Butterknives" could easily be a Cuban Linx 2 cut ( the video is surely reminiscent of "Incarcerated scarfaces" ) and is probably the grimiest track on Shaolin Vs. Next we're back at "Snake pond" where our hero if only for a brief moment catches up with the assailant that attacked him earlier. Armed with some info he's on the trail to get to the bottom of the situation. The scene set by the instrumentation puts you in the mindframe of an authentic Kung Fu flick. The backdrop then melts into an equally asiatic vibe, serenading you while it kills. Busta Rhymes pops up in true when disaster strike fashion to finish off the lush production, as he's oh so known for.
Just when you think its time to slow the headrush down, Nas enters the movie to play wingman as they anchor "Rich n Black" deep into the concrete. Complete with Farrakhan samples, we are treated to classic line for line rhymes detailing the trials, triumphs and overall history of black success and pain. As if that isn't enough, we are treated by another gem titled "From the Hills" featuring Mr. M.e.t.h.o.d. himself Johnathon Blazini and philly crooner "Raheen Devaughn" ( i thought that was Curtis Mayfield at first, wow! ) the horns alone make this another Wu Banger. Likewise, '"Dart School" turns "we the people who are darker than blue" - by Curtis Mayfield  into a masterpiece! The Story concludes with the jewel "Masters of our face" ft. Black Thought of The Roots , a sure-fire slow burner that will keep your player on constant repeat. As tariq puts it "when i was pushed outta the womb the earth spun / the only way to describe this is inertia " ...HEAVY! despite a few out of place songs like "Rock n Roll" and "Last Train to Scotland" The Chef yet again strikes lightening and proves that in an era consumed by the artificial, real can and will still win..Peace to the GOD! let's get that Cuban Linx 3 Chef, i got a plate ready...Suuuuuuu
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