Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Call and Response - Justis Hype

1. MSG: What is your official title at Wu-Tang Management?
JH: Promotions manager and program director for wu tang radio, general promotions... mannnnnnnn I'm CEO of Getting the word out! all that good shit!

 2. MSG: The 36 Chambers School Of Emceeing is underway, what is your involvement with the competition?
JH: I'm more-so a supporter. I'm not really hands on with all issues but I'm there if the team needs me, I set up chairs up if they need me! I'm there for the camp but the day to day administrative work, I'm not associated with that directly. I am however hands on with the worldwide DJ Coalition.
So far we're @ least 400 DJs Deep, over 39 states, we attacking all countries from the inside out! I'm really excited about that. We got em from micro to macro levels, internet to XM and beyond.

3: MSG: The music climate, industry and technology has evolved since Deep Space 9 ( the Original Generals ) entered the arena, what expectations do you have for the new class of Shaolin Pupils?
JH: My expectations is for them to do exactly what the school is designed for. Add on to this legacy. Its a quite unique situation compared to how the generals came through. There are so many techniques for promotion and overall support for artists that are here now that haven't been fully recognized. I feel the new students will definitely capitalize without conforming.
I personally look for artists that will be also business savvy, not just artists. They have to bring something new to the table, we are evolved so our ideas have to.

4. MSG: What's the most fulfilling part of your job,career thus far?
JH: Imma say this, its really a tie. 1)  being a Dj. Being able to control the crowd, play WHAT I want WHEN I wanted and 2) seeing a artist I work with evolve n get a deal signed...
watching my fruit grow, to witness one grow from a seed and form his own tree. 
 That's the circle of life, I ain't lyin' I'm a king!

5. MSG: O.D.B. is no longer here with us, describe him to me in ONE word
JH: Realistic!


6: MSG: Liquid Swords or Cuban Linx?
JH: That's like two different books. One more-so takes me through all the street levels and one digs a lot deeper on a whole different level so my answer would really depend on my state of mind at the time. Ask me Monday i'd say Cuban Linx, on Thursday i'd say Liquid Swords   

7:MSG: There's a glass of wine on the table, is it red or white?
JH: White!, it's transparent so I can see through it...

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Call and Response - Sophie Heng

1. MSG: When did you decide "shooting people" would be your lifetime passion?
SH: When every event and interesting faces makes me want to pull out my camera and figure out how can I capture this moment.

2. MSG: How long have you been a photographic sniper?
SH: Since I was a teenager, I always had a disposable. Shooting professionally for a couple of years now. I am still learning and growing, developing my own personal style.

3. MSG: If you could switch professions for one day, what would it be?
SH: This one is hard cause i want to do so much. I would pick from one extreme to the next one. I would be a lawyer. I always love the way they talk their way out of everything! And i would be Beyonce. I love her stage presence. That girl can shake it like a Polaroid picture.

4. MSG: If you could rap, what would your MC name be?
SH: I always wanted to be an MC at one point of my childhood. MC Shai. Like that comic book character. Google her. She is bad. Chopping dudes up with her sword and fighting demons. Plus she is sexier than Chung Li.

5. MSG: How do you balance being a mother and a workaholic?
SH: There is no balance. It is impossible but it has to be done. If I keep thinking I can be super woman I will burn myself out and it has gotten to that point at one time or another, ok several times. Some times I can't get to the dishes or the Laundry. I just have to realize that it will be ok. No one can judge me accept for God. I just have to do the best and as much as I can, when I can.

6. MSG: There's a bottle of Saki on the mantle, is it half full or empty?
SH: You are in the wrong house. I don't drink that stuff. And If there were a bottle, it would be empty and in the trash.

7. MSG: Any words of wisdom you would like to leave the readers with?
SH: Whatever it is you strive for in life make sure that it is fueled by passion. Passion is the force behind your dreams. If you don't have passion for what you are doing, you are in the wrong line of work. Always know that you are where you are because you are supposed to be there. Stay encouraged.

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Money:Album Review

I'm Movin on everything n I ain't bluffin!
For those not familiar, its time for you to get! PERIOD!
Back when everything was still REAL, cats like DV AliasKhryst were a rare breed. Still are to a certain degree. When I first heard the GOD, he was smashin Hooks wit Shyheim the Rugged Child,Trigger the Gambler n Smooth The Hustler. Do the knowledge, that's waaaaaaaaaaaay before Drake n Young Money. Pay Homage. After a hiatus, DV returns without a step lost. Its evident from the moment the EP starts, He's serious as he's ever been. All or nothing is just what the title implies. Complete with a sinister backdrop, the Don returns to claims what's his and nothing less than. A breath of Fresh air indeed. In the midst of cookie cutter instrumentation, redundant content and overall predictable songwriting- Khryst chooses to purposely color outside of the lines. Eyes Wide Shut is a rebel MC's Wet Dream. The hard hitting drums,screamin guitars n choirs set the scene perfectly as DV and his right arm man -G.S. kick that Anti Anti! "Pay attention the hood's bein gentrified/n this time the revolution is televised." Middle Finger Music at it's best.

Immediately following, we have "Forever" in the aftermath. " I'm not Bitter, I just speak from the heart pal! " More than a shot at the critics who write him off as such, its a testament to ALL artists marginalized for simply being honest with themselves and their fanbases respectively. "Get Down" is a freestyle track, short n sweet while "Give me the strength" speaks to the outcast with that fire in his blood, tryin to get away from the snakes surrounding him. Real Soldiers relate.
The Pinnacle is "The Show Must Go On" as DV recites
" to be great you must surround yourself with greatness" Put that on repeat young Scrap!
< My crew can't go for that Video : Trigger The Gambler, Smooth The Hustler, DV Alias Khryst >

You can Download DV Alias Khryst's EP below for FREE!

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