Saturday, May 28, 2011

Home is no longer where hatred is! R.I.P. Gil Scott Heron

*exhales.... * Hmm where do i start? May 27th marks another great loss for our artistic community.
First, if you don't know who Gil Scott Heron is please shoot yourself now! Next, if you survive you may join the rest of us and continue reading on. Some call this renaissance man the Godfather of hiphop ( he once claimed he's not sure if he can take the BLAME for rap ), others just call him a brilliant writer and orator. Me personally, i would call him BOTH. along with The Last Poets of course. With a career that begin in 1970 and spanned decades up until his untimely death, it was obvious the revolution need not be televised, as he was determined to be the voice of that change up until the very end. There was no hopes for retirement, at least not a permanent one.

2010 alone saw a resurgence of his passion, wit, angst and overall love as he returned with the album "I'm new here" . The afore-mentioned "Godfather of rap" moniker would be even harder to dispute as he was not only sampled on consecutive projects by the likes of Talib Kweli, Common and Kanye West recently , he even sampled Kanye's "Flashing Lights" on the album. That same album also features HipHop icon Nas. 
Just as plagued as any of us, what made Gil so polarizing was his strength to face those demons on the world's stage while many if not most of us refuse to confront ours even in solitairy.  Ask rapper AZ about his album "Pieces Of a Man" and see if Mr. Heron's name doesn't fly out his mouth. I imagine both Gil and recently deceased pioneer "Guru" from Gangstarr in the studio right now. Michael Jackson's doing the choreography while Isaac Hayes produces the music!
( one can only dream )...I don't want to focus on the fact that he's gone, i'd rather reflect on the work he did when he was here. If u can hear me or read this Brother Gil, wether you accept credit/blame or not, your views,will and unwaveringly commitment to telling the truth through your artistry definitely help created me!.. i will Leave with a quote from the good brother on today's rap community and what he feels will keep us creating,inspiring and enpowering for generations to come. Peace to the GOD! Travel in light!

    "HipHop artists need to be more articulate and artistic. They need to study music. I played in several bands before i began my career as a poet. There's a big difference between putting words over some music, and blending those same words into music. There's not alot of humor. They use alot of slang and colloquialisms, and you dont't really see inside the person. instead you just get alot of posturing. - Gil scott heron

Call and Response - EQ Philly

1. MSG: When did u fall in love with hip hop?
EQ: I was 11 when I saw Beat Street and started emulating popping and break dancing. It was an outlet for what I was going through in my life. I was in a group home, so it was a way of expression, and an outlet to meet new people.

2. MSG: What's ur favorite song of your catalog?
EQ: Wow..there was no one song that made my experience, but I can say that conscious hiphop, and funk really set the tone for my life. Today the game is flooded with commercialism, so I am just trying to adapt and add my personal flavor to what's happening now.

3. MSG: Name ur most influential artist or group.
EQ: KRS One, Public Enemy, Eric B and Rakim, and the Roots were at the top for influence. However, people like LL, Biz Markie, Slick Rick, Dana Dane, Fat Man Scoop, and Big Daddy Kane helped my party vibe.

4. MSG: If u could start ya career over, would u?
EQ: I would have been more focused. I opened up for some big name people in the past but I didn't capitalize on the connections. I opened up for Dru Hill, Biggie, KRS One and a few others when I use to work at Dances Nite Club in Philly. I would be more business minded on top of being an artist. I would reach out to more fans. They are who buy your music.

5.MSG: Where do u see Hip hop in 5/10 years?
EQ: It will be a Cross genre. Because technology is so advanced it will just be a category that people choose on their MP3 player or whatever new device they make.

6. MSG: What's next on the menu for u ?
EQ: I am working on another movie. My first one was called "Concealed Habitat" which can be found on my website. The new one, I am trying to find some good people who are willing to do a no budget appearance.
I have new music coming soon. My son and I have a CD together, and just basically touring and looking for shows to build my fan base.

7. MSG: Independent or major, which do u favor?
EQ: I favor Indie labels. You are the Boss of your destiny. However I would still continue with major distribution. You can only go as far as your resources.
                          Check out EQ Philly's new video " All That" below....

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Call and Response - Tommy Stars

1. MSG:  When did u fall in love with hiphop? TS: I never fell in love wuth hiphop, i fell in love with musik. i cant honestly remember when that occured, I believe i was born with that love embedded in my DNA.

2. MSG: What's ur favorite song of your catalog? TS: Sheesh!!....1? lol uuummmmm i have a new favorite everytime i play them. Ima say "Starship" as of now but i have a new one i just wrote too.

3. MSG: Name ur most infuential artist or group. TS: Sheeshhh... you killin me.. i honestly can'y say just one cause my influence comes from numerous artist. Ima say Jodeci, Queen, Madonna, Mase, Drake.

4.MSG:  If u could start ya career over,would u? TS: No. Everything up to this point has been a learning experience. Everything good and bad. My bad choices helped me see different sides of people in my former circles as well as people not in my circle. I would change nothing. God puts me in every situation that i fall into with a purpose.

5 MSG: .Where do u see Hiphop in 5/10 years? TS: as 1 genre. Like pop n RnB fused. RnB and hiphop is basically one in the same at this point. I see it being broken down to two types of musik, the stuff that sells and the stuff that doesn't. lol The internet is making it that way

6. MSG:  What's next on the menu for u ? TS: Love Muzik is a project i've been working on for a long time now. Movie/Cd, that's my focus.

7. MSG: Independant or major,which do u favor? TS: Major... i'm not a rapper, i believe my music needs that major push.....

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Call and Response - Rapscall

1. M.S.G: When did u fall in love with hiphop? R.S: I fell in love with hip-hop when I first saw Krush Groove.. I was always hearing the music, but seeing that many hip-hop stars in one movie did it for me!
2. M.S.G: What's ur favorite song of your catalog? R.S: Favorite song of my catalog is Out Of Reach ft my fam Josi Wellz & E-Val Styles!
3. M.S.G:  Name ur most infuential artist or group. R.S: Most influential group Wu Tang Clan, but Black Moon is the reason I picked up a mic!
4. M.S.G:  If u could start ya career over,would u? R.S: If I could start my career over I would. Would of did a lot of things different far as the way I used to handle business & the people in my circle!
5. M.S.G: Where do u see Hiphop in 5/10 years? R.S: In 5/10 years I see hiphop completely digital & I look for more artists to be running their own labels as we are starting to see already. Change gone come, lol (Sam Cooke Voice)
6. M.S.G:  What's next on the menu for u ? R.S: Next on my menu is to release another mixtape titled "Praying For My Enemies" it consists of a number of mixtape tracks I recorded from 2003 up untill now that I never put out.. Hosted by my dude C-Styles with production by the legendary Easy Mo Bee on the song "My Life"!
7. M.S.G:  Independant or major,which do u favor? R.S:  I favor independent all day, these majors arent for the artists! I dont do it for fame!

Check out Rapscall's latest mixtape below!

Call and Response - EBurnas

1. MaxxSteeltheGOD: When did you fall in love with HipHop? EBurnas: when Run Dmc was the dopest niggas out!
2. MSG: What is your favorite song of your catalogue?  EB: Of my whole body of work? MSG: Yes. EB: It would probably be a new song I got called "Getaway" .
3. MSG: Name your most influential artist or group EB: 2Pac and Nas, group i say Outkast.
4. MSG: If you could start your career over, would you? EB: Naw, what i learned in the game made me a great artist and person.
5. MSG: Where do you see HipHop in 5/10 years? EB: Ran by the artists and not the labels.
6. MSG: What's next for you on the menu? EB: More music,shows greatness in its purest form.
7. MSG: Independant or major, which do you favor? EB: I say both major for exposure and independant for business

EBurnas just released a new album "Welcome To My World" april 12th, courtesy of Island DefJam Music Group.....Check it out below!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ceelo Green's "Lady Killer" HIPHOP OR NOT ?

First and foremost, "F*** You!" was my favorite suprise hit of 2010. with that said, "Lady Killer" is one of my favorite albums of last year,maybe even the decade. Rather than a traditional album review, i opted to tackle a debate amongst both critics and the streets alike. that debate is: " Is Ceelo's new album hiphop?" To me, that question brings to mind both Lauryn Hill's "Miseducation" and Andre 3000's "The Love Below" respectively. The biggest arguments the naysayers have is that there's little to no rapping on these records. Those who approve the stamp of hiphop have a broader sense of understanding of the culture and conclude that the music is defined by the artist rather than the genre of music one creates. I personally lean towards the latter. Allow me to explain...Enter "Lady Killer"
The album opens with "It's alright"- a record that musically resembles Billie Jean ( i can see Michael Jackson smiling down from his ranch in the afterlife ) and already you can tell this is no Gnarles Barkley album,this is a more sinister mission. Make no mistake though, his Dungeon Family roots go deep and i can only wonder what a 3 Stacks/Green full length would sound like! Songs like "Old Fashioned" "Bodies" and "No One's Gonna Love you" are true soul records no doubt and Mr. Green even channels Luther vandross on "I Want You" . Peep game though, Salaam Remi ( Nas' Made You Look, Thief's Theme ) produced one of the album's most elaborate cuts of the collection. "Love Gun"not only sounds as it could've been recorded by Luther Ingram and The Charmells, it also shows how diverse hiphop producers really are. In that frame of thinking, those abilities have to, and will extend to the artist themselves. Whether Lauryn Hill is killing them softly with a song,rapping at the speed of light or reciting spoken word, it is still HipHop! Ever notice we call Mary j.Blige the Queen Of HipHop? , i have yet to hear her spit a bar :-) What do u think America? talk to me!


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