Wednesday, February 1, 2012


                                          words by : MaxxSteeltheGOD for GodCiphaRadio

One word started it all..... " Sweet " .

By now we've all heard ( those of us who haven't been under a rock ) that veteran MC- Common had sum sharp words for Young Money newcomer -Drake. For those of us educated enough in the culture, we KNOW that "Rap battling" is a part of said culture and its here to STAY. Before I get into the gritty of which lyricist will be the victor/victim, i'd like to tap into the similarities and differences of each MC.
First, we have the aforementioned vet -Com, I'll break him down into atoms first. The reward of history shows us a complex man and artist that has always been a well balanced individual. From "Ressurection" to " The Bitch in You!" or from " The Sixth Sense " to "The light" we have gotten to witness layers of Rashid being revealed through time. Just as L.L. Cool J made manifest through classics such as " I'm Bad" and " I need love" , the formally known Com Sense has effortlessly intertwined his loyalty to God, his love and or lust for women, his views on political issues and his appetite for destruction of a hiphop cipher. Fast forward to the present. In today's climate, we have a presumably large percentage of the hiphop generation that has no knowledge or memory of such glory days. Its more than evident when you hear individuals making statements that " Comm isn't a great lyricist" or "He isn't a battle rapper",etc . Again, history would reward those individuals with facts of the contrary. 

Next, we have Young Money's next up to batter " Drake"... before I dissect the homey, let me make it clear that I fux wit Drake. There isn't much of a difference between the two MC's as far as content goes.
I feel Drizzy's nowhere near com from a lyrical standpoint or skillwise but, his talent is definitely worth the accolades he has received. I sing along to "Find your love" and I'm not one of those so called purists who cringe when he rhymes. To me, he's actually a breath of fresh air at times. However, Drizzy falls into the same trap most his present class of musicians have. Small doses of his music ( Just like Weezy,Ms.Minaj,etc ) is the best remedy for such problems since a HIT record resulting in ten to twenty more knock-offs of THAT record tend to follow.
" Best I ever Had " seemed to be a blueprint for many of his later records. In other words... stylistically,sonically,
conceptually and even lyrically, his sound begins to become monotone and predictable- sometimes even to the point one could imagine him and producer 40 sitting there with production and verse templates grafting one song directly into the next one.
Onto the BEEF!

Those who understand the game can discern the difference between a RAP BATTLE and true beef. Notorious B.I.G. and 2Pac had a BEEF that although was personal and bubbled to the surface through rap records, it was NOT simply a rap battle. NAS and JAY-Z is a prime example of such a situation. Furthermore, this situation mirrors KRS ONE and NELLY more than anything. Kris made subliminal remarks about those "Fakin it til they make it" and newcomer NELLY responded and was later crushed. ( he admits today he was in the wrong for challenging the "teacher" and I believe their beef has been squashed ).. Drake's first mistake was responding to Comm's subliminal shots. For example, if I was to say on record " Death to all BITCH NIGGAS!" And MC WhoeverTheFuck responds sayin " I ain't no bitch nigga" how does he get any respect? In the back of his mind he must know he's a bitch. Only a fool responds to a subliminal diss for, even Jay Z named T-Pain in "Death of Autotune".. Drizzy's next mistake after the puttin the knife in his own neck is to call out Common and then remain SILENT after the shots are thrown. On one hand, he killed his chances of using certain circumstances to his advantage. Comm has already addressed the Serena Williams situation so, one can only use that against him in conjecture. He ( Common ) has also stated this is just a challenge in the hiphop arena to spar SKILLS, ain't no BEEF involved in this. Drizzy's stans will claim Drake won't respond because comm wants his attention or is jealous and or desperate ? Pardon my break in professionalism but, are u dickblowers INFUCKINSANE? Attention? From who? Comm's fanbase exceeds Drizzy in every possible medium. Comm performed @ the white house for our commander in chief recently
( Lightening Obama has confirmed the chicago MC being on his Ipod back in 08)
He's all over Hollywood ( Terminator 4, Happy Feet, Street Kings,etc ) I doubt he needs attention from Young Money's groupies lol. Also, not too long ago, when "Nicki Minaj" was warring with "Lil Kim", Drizzy jumped in the middle of it ( I thought that was a chickfight ? ) but now we have HIM being challenged and he wants none?. Why is his producer speaking up for him? I don't know about them but where I come from, if u gettin in the mix with chicks and won't stand up to a man...YOOZA BITCH! Period.

I cannot forget about LUDA either. Drizzy also got into a tift with BigSean over who biting who when in reality CHRIS was using said style before either new jack. Luda was also given a "no comment" approach. I wonder why that is.....
Me personally, i'd like to see them go back n forth for a bit and collab soon afterwards. It makes for good representation of the game, those who disagree are in denial ( smile )
( Didnt Drake also claim Yeezy n Hov BIT the watch the throne idea off him n wayne too ? ) I guess he wasnt aware Duos like red/Meth Jay?R.Kelly etc. already existed as well...the nerve of an imitator claiming originality lol.....
 As my man SWAY ( from Sway n Tech's Wake up show) asserted, ya money n status don't mean shit in the arena of HIPHOP. If you start proclaiming greatness and thrones you gotta prove it!
The sages understood this and adhered to such. These cowards running around with false egos n STUDIO gangster confidance need to know they lanes. " you gone fuck around n make me catch a body like that" ?????????????????????