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Peace. Friends, family, fans both fellows n females.
I'd like to personally thank you for helping my first worldwide available album become a success.
#ReEvolution was released April 1st,2011 courtesy of Island DefJam Music Group
The album features up and coming Philly MCs, poets and singers as well as veterans from across the map.
WU-TANG CLAN ( Royal Fam ) MC "Timbo King" makes an appearance as well.
In honor and thanks for all your listens, FREE downloads and purchases so far, we
are now giving away the digital (MP3 version) of the album FREE when you purchase the CD!
We've simplified the process for you. In two short steps, you're at checkout and ready to BANG!
 step 1: Purchase your CD for $10 plus $4.95 shipping and
2: you will be emailed a SPECIAL CODE to download your album for FREE. Thats It

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Thanks again for your support so far, and for your continued support
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Call and Response - Justis Hype

1. MSG: What is your official title at Wu-Tang Management?
JH: Promotions manager and program director for wu tang radio, general promotions... mannnnnnnn I'm CEO of Getting the word out! all that good shit!

 2. MSG: The 36 Chambers School Of Emceeing is underway, what is your involvement with the competition?
JH: I'm more-so a supporter. I'm not really hands on with all issues but I'm there if the team needs me, I set up chairs up if they need me! I'm there for the camp but the day to day administrative work, I'm not associated with that directly. I am however hands on with the worldwide DJ Coalition.
So far we're @ least 400 DJs Deep, over 39 states, we attacking all countries from the inside out! I'm really excited about that. We got em from micro to macro levels, internet to XM and beyond.

3: MSG: The music climate, industry and technology has evolved since Deep Space 9 ( the Original Generals ) entered the arena, what expectations do you have for the new class of Shaolin Pupils?
JH: My expectations is for them to do exactly what the school is designed for. Add on to this legacy. Its a quite unique situation compared to how the generals came through. There are so many techniques for promotion and overall support for artists that are here now that haven't been fully recognized. I feel the new students will definitely capitalize without conforming.
I personally look for artists that will be also business savvy, not just artists. They have to bring something new to the table, we are evolved so our ideas have to.

4. MSG: What's the most fulfilling part of your job,career thus far?
JH: Imma say this, its really a tie. 1)  being a Dj. Being able to control the crowd, play WHAT I want WHEN I wanted and 2) seeing a artist I work with evolve n get a deal signed...
watching my fruit grow, to witness one grow from a seed and form his own tree. 
 That's the circle of life, I ain't lyin' I'm a king!

5. MSG: O.D.B. is no longer here with us, describe him to me in ONE word
JH: Realistic!


6: MSG: Liquid Swords or Cuban Linx?
JH: That's like two different books. One more-so takes me through all the street levels and one digs a lot deeper on a whole different level so my answer would really depend on my state of mind at the time. Ask me Monday i'd say Cuban Linx, on Thursday i'd say Liquid Swords   

7:MSG: There's a glass of wine on the table, is it red or white?
JH: White!, it's transparent so I can see through it...

To keep up with Justis and the rest of the management team,
log on to

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Call and Response - Sophie Heng

1. MSG: When did you decide "shooting people" would be your lifetime passion?
SH: When every event and interesting faces makes me want to pull out my camera and figure out how can I capture this moment.

2. MSG: How long have you been a photographic sniper?
SH: Since I was a teenager, I always had a disposable. Shooting professionally for a couple of years now. I am still learning and growing, developing my own personal style.

3. MSG: If you could switch professions for one day, what would it be?
SH: This one is hard cause i want to do so much. I would pick from one extreme to the next one. I would be a lawyer. I always love the way they talk their way out of everything! And i would be Beyonce. I love her stage presence. That girl can shake it like a Polaroid picture.

4. MSG: If you could rap, what would your MC name be?
SH: I always wanted to be an MC at one point of my childhood. MC Shai. Like that comic book character. Google her. She is bad. Chopping dudes up with her sword and fighting demons. Plus she is sexier than Chung Li.

5. MSG: How do you balance being a mother and a workaholic?
SH: There is no balance. It is impossible but it has to be done. If I keep thinking I can be super woman I will burn myself out and it has gotten to that point at one time or another, ok several times. Some times I can't get to the dishes or the Laundry. I just have to realize that it will be ok. No one can judge me accept for God. I just have to do the best and as much as I can, when I can.

6. MSG: There's a bottle of Saki on the mantle, is it half full or empty?
SH: You are in the wrong house. I don't drink that stuff. And If there were a bottle, it would be empty and in the trash.

7. MSG: Any words of wisdom you would like to leave the readers with?
SH: Whatever it is you strive for in life make sure that it is fueled by passion. Passion is the force behind your dreams. If you don't have passion for what you are doing, you are in the wrong line of work. Always know that you are where you are because you are supposed to be there. Stay encouraged.

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Money:Album Review

I'm Movin on everything n I ain't bluffin!
For those not familiar, its time for you to get! PERIOD!
Back when everything was still REAL, cats like DV AliasKhryst were a rare breed. Still are to a certain degree. When I first heard the GOD, he was smashin Hooks wit Shyheim the Rugged Child,Trigger the Gambler n Smooth The Hustler. Do the knowledge, that's waaaaaaaaaaaay before Drake n Young Money. Pay Homage. After a hiatus, DV returns without a step lost. Its evident from the moment the EP starts, He's serious as he's ever been. All or nothing is just what the title implies. Complete with a sinister backdrop, the Don returns to claims what's his and nothing less than. A breath of Fresh air indeed. In the midst of cookie cutter instrumentation, redundant content and overall predictable songwriting- Khryst chooses to purposely color outside of the lines. Eyes Wide Shut is a rebel MC's Wet Dream. The hard hitting drums,screamin guitars n choirs set the scene perfectly as DV and his right arm man -G.S. kick that Anti Anti! "Pay attention the hood's bein gentrified/n this time the revolution is televised." Middle Finger Music at it's best.

Immediately following, we have "Forever" in the aftermath. " I'm not Bitter, I just speak from the heart pal! " More than a shot at the critics who write him off as such, its a testament to ALL artists marginalized for simply being honest with themselves and their fanbases respectively. "Get Down" is a freestyle track, short n sweet while "Give me the strength" speaks to the outcast with that fire in his blood, tryin to get away from the snakes surrounding him. Real Soldiers relate.
The Pinnacle is "The Show Must Go On" as DV recites
" to be great you must surround yourself with greatness" Put that on repeat young Scrap!
< My crew can't go for that Video : Trigger The Gambler, Smooth The Hustler, DV Alias Khryst >

You can Download DV Alias Khryst's EP below for FREE!

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Distant Relatives : Album Review

Peace to all the knowledge seekers out there! Shout out to all the scholars! Y'all ignorant folks can listen too, I don't discriminate.. Before I start this review, I wanna go on the record and say I intentionally gave myself a year before doing so because I knew the impact of this album would take a while to sink in. *exhales!* .. With that said, here we are. Knee deep in hiphop as he's ever been, legendary MC -Nas returns to yet again make history. This time he travels with the family ( Yes I mean family, that whole marley tribe is on the album son! ) of late, pardon me-Great Revolutionary reggae riddim rocka Bob "light one up fa me" Marley himself. The results are at least monumental.. The journey starts with "As we enter" as the QB Kid and Junior Gong trade bars ala' Rae & Ghost or even Run DMC. To me, the idea was to show just how close the "Patios" and the rap-star cadence are actually related. I personally call them first cousins.
Now that the adrenaline's pumpin and the tone's set, today's agenda can now be addressed. "Tribal War" is a layered history lesson wrapped in hope of that history NOT being repeated. Self hate, in-fighting, prejudice and bigotry all play a role on the stage and one can only pray we learn to transform these cultural characteristics in the future.. ( Every man deserves to earn /every child deserves to learn ) . The lyricism at this point is already staggering and it only picks up from here. In 2010, it's difficult to define the motivation behind an album of this magnitude, as evidenced by watching the struggles both Nas and Damien went through to bring this album into fruition. I mention the year for the example that in a time where most of the music being made is so formulaic and predictable, the need for this kind of project is at the same time extremely needed and shunned respectively. Labels didn't know how to promote it. The streets wasn't / isn't exactly ready for it. Neither man ever a stranger to going against the grain, the work ethic behind the music is a no-brainer for those who stand for more than just the glitz of the entertainment business. Its amazing how easy each song relates to everyday life on both homefronts without missing a beat. Both "Leaders" and " Promised Land" are shimmering examples. From Malcom X to the Jena 6 - we get a thorough examining of what it takes to be a voice of the people. Many seem to forget you have to live as one first. Just as poignant, "Friends" looks into the complex nature of what we call friendship. Are those in your circle there because they care, or do they just pretend to care because they're in your circle? Yeah Son! This is Grown Folk Music ya heard!...The production throughout the album tells the whole story in itself. Before you even hear Esco utter those words " The Master/The Masses " , the instrumentation yells out loud "We will have Victory, pressure will only make brighter diamonds". Despair becomes Dis-Spear indeed. The album's highlight comes in the form of "In his own words" . Regardless of your color,race,creed,etc. The lesson is that the core of all our beliefs are the same, only the opinions on how the story should be told differ. Some songs need not be broken down, as you need to hear them to grasp the impact. "Nahmean" is a wild ride through the jungle while "Patience" mocks the western philosophy so prevalent today in the minds of America's people. " some of the smartest dummies/can't read the language of Egyptian Mummies. Throw a flag on the moon/but can't find food for the starving tummies. Pay no mind to the youth, cuz it's not like the future depends on it/ but save the animals in the zoo," Ah de chimpanzees dem a make big money! " ...yes indeed HipHop needs more of these gems. After sitting for a year pondering, it finally hit me! ( I knew it back then tho lol ) The bar is yet again raised. There is a limitless potential for more artists to tap into if only they are groomed with the will to do so. Hiphop at it's core was designed to cross genres. The only rule was keep it true and this album serves as a newly crafted measuring stick of truth. No more evidence is needed once Lil Wayne spits " Last night I sat the future at the feet of my son!" My only gripe with the album is that "Road to Zion" wasn't thrown in the pot as a bonus ( idk I'm greedy lmao ). But, all jokes aside, if you have yet to hear this masterpiece, put your assumptions and tunnel vision aside. Those who are like me, you know what it's like- you play it in your system every night!
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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Call and Response - Frank Mcqueen

1. MSG: You came up as a rapper, what inspired your transition into an author?
FM: Money and maturity, at the time rap wasn't working so....onto the next grind!

2. MSG: What is your relationship with hiphop today? Love, hate or indifference?
FM: It will always be in my heart. i may not like alot of the music out today but i still and will always love it as an art form regardless.

3. MSG: If you could change one thing about your career, what would it be?
FM: I would've recognized my highest potential earlier.

4. MSG: What is the most valuable lesson you have learned concerning your artistry?
FM: Its hard work, 24 hour a day grind. alotta politics, networking. Even as your own boss, you still have to answer to your public!

5. MSG: Do you see yourself still active on the music side of things in five years?
FM: Yea, no doubt. Ultimately even if i don't rap, i'd like to keep my ear to the streets. Get my management thing on but regardless, i'll always be a listener.

6. MSG: There's a glass on the table, is it half full or empty?
FM: The Glass always half full man, gotta remain optimistic.we up against enough negativity. Gotta squeeze some positivity in there sumwhere!

7. MSG: anything you wanna add for the readers?
FM: Do what you can in life. Do what makes you happy but, make sure you can see that as a reality. When you can see that, put ALL your time into it and make it happen..

Frank Mcqueen's first book is available online and the streets Now!

Check out "Red Devil" on here

Also available  Black n Nobel ( Broad and Erie ) , Zavelle ( Broad and Oxford ave. )
or online at

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MaxxSteelTheGOD presents....Re-Evolution ( April 1st, 2011 )

April 1st,2011 marked Philly MC/Producer and Independant label " A-MillyonIdeazEnt™ " owner's first worldwide distributed Album courtesy of a freshly inked distribution deal with Island DefJam Music Group. The album features the breakout single "Peechez" starring soul crooner Chad Anthony as well as the gem "The Day I Became GOD" featuring Wu-Tang ( Royal Fam )'s Timbo King. Contributions also come from artists " Dres of ( BlackSheep ), Wise Intelligent of ( Poor Righteous Teachers ), Mrs. Betty's Son, Ms. Wise, Amun Miraaj and more...
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Call and Response - Popa Wu

1. MSG: You have been with the Wu since the very beginning , did you always know the generals would soon be known worldwide?
PW: Yes Indeed

2. MSG: You are most recognized for dropping jewels throughout the Clan's albums, have you ever at some point been a MC yourself? If so let me hear a lil sumthin ( just kiddin lol )
PW: I Always Been A MC Rather It's Rappin Or Building On The Truth

3. MSG: The 36 Chambers School Of Emceein is underway, what do you feel is the most important element needed by a student to make it through all the tests?
PW: Jus B Ur Self @ Win Every Battle

4. MSG: In your own words, who was Ason Unique aka the ol Dirty Chinese restaraunt to you?
PW: He Was The True @ ( Live-ing God )

5. MSG: What's an average day like for popa Wu?
PW: Teaching The Babies The Truth, That Wat Make My Day .

6. MSG: There's a glass on the table, is it half full or empty?
PW: Its Full...

7. MSG: Anything wise words you would like to leave us with?
PW: Think 5 Times B4 U Speak

MSG: Peace to the GOD, and thanks for your time!
PW: Peace @ Luv....

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Call and Response - Don Henry

 Welcome back yall! another day, another call and response. Don Henry is a great friend of mine. We used to work with each other at Philly international Airport. I have had the honor to perform at one of his youth football games ( don't worry i kept it clean for the youngins lol ) He's an overall force in his community, a tireless business man and commited father. Give us a thousand more Dons and the hood will began to sparkle again! His team Dynasty dragons have won championships across state lines as well as home. Saying i'm proud of my young brother is an understatement. I see greatness!

1. MSG: How long have you been coaching The Dynasty Dragons?
DH: I have been coaching dynasty dragons for 6 yrs this is my 7th,  2011.

2. MSG: Did you ever aspire to play Pro Football yourself?
DH: I sure did. You couldn't tell me I wasn't going to the league, it was all I dreamed about since I was about 6 yrs old. I played semi pro for 12 yrs. I still dream. Its not playing though its coaching now, at its apex.

3. MSG: You do a lot of community outreach work, what is the most gratifying part of the job?
DH: The most gratification I get is respect from the youth. They recognize that they have to perform to a high standard on and off the field, when you have one of the players talk to you about personal issues it shows they trust you. That is gratifying.

4: MSG: What kind of impact do you see men such as yourself having on the lives of the kids that sign up for your programs?
DH: The impact we have is great because the youth of today need a lot of attention to keep them occupied in a positive manner. Structure, work ethic, accountability and love, these are all life skills they need to perform at a high level whatever it is they want do or become, we feed the need saving lives through sports.

5. MSG: How do you manage your homelife with your professional? Any tips for the readers?
DH: It's hard because its so demanding. When you have a Passion for something it works itself out because Passion can't be thwarted in any kind of way. True family and friends know your working towards something great and they want you to succeed so they usually understand. It's very tricky, problems occur when family and friends don't want to understand what the fire inside is all about. Sometimes you have to be selfish to become great.

6. MSG: If you could switch careers for ONE day, what would u pick?
DH: I would say a professional football player , playing in the superbowl.... or Hugh Hefner.

7. MSG: What's your final thought? The world's listening...
DH: My final thought is - Time is too short to put off for tomorrow what you can do today. Go get it! your gonna get beat up knocked down laughed at but, at the end of the day you showed the heart of warrior and kept fighting until you won. Remember- " hard work defeats talent when talent dosent work hard. " Who you wit! dragons all day. Peace.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Call and Response - Twinn Loco

1. MSG: When did you fall in love with hiphop?
TL: When I first heard 2Pac's music... as soon as I heard the track Pain I was hooked, everything I knew as music became amplified. The production complimented 2Pac perfectly and I had the track on repeat - it was from here I picked up numerous 2Pac albums and became a big fan of his music. Listening to the different 2Pac albums I became familiar with the artists that he worked with, from here I started listening to music like Shock G, Snoop and Dre and all the other affiliated artists and digging in to this music just lead me on a journey discovering new artists right up until this day.

2. MSG: I also see, you're a songwriter, will you be putting out some of your own music in the future?
TL: That's always been something that I have considered. I am a creative person at heart, creativity is what keeps me sane - it's a release from any other stress that people bring to your life. Just knowing exactly how I will contribute with my own music is what is holding me back right now, I am still trying to figure out the platform on which to perform - but when I do discover that platform, there will be no holding me back. This is why I chose to become a songwriter on a deeper level, to ghostwrite for other artists... it allowed me to continue to pen my thoughts to the pad and be creative, I just take every day as it comes and if today is the day that I create my own music then that's what it will be.

3. MSG: Do you feel the media is too harsh on the content of today's hiphop music or are they justified?
TL: To be honest with you, the media will always hold hip hop and the artists in a light which makes us as a culture look bad. They have done it to 2Pac and his music claiming that he promoted a thug lifestyle which was detremental to the youth - now that alone gives me reassurance that the general media have no clue what they are talking about when it comes to hip hop, of all artists... 2Pac creating a bad image for the youth? he did more for the youth than any pop artist, r&b artist you will see. To answer your question more direct, the media is not justified in what they say, they like to run with a story and blow it out of proportion. Of course you will get the occasional hip hop artist that will create a bad image for hip hop but that's what it will be... these type of people are everywhere and that's why the rest of the hip hop culture needs to continue to run our own PR campaign showing the positive side of hip hop.

4. MSG: As a member of the Wu Tang Djs, how do you feel about the wu-competition aka the "36 Chambers School of emceeing?
TL: The Wu-Tang Clan are a great contribution to hip hop, so anything they are affiliated with or associated with will bring positive results. The competition is a great opportunity for all involved and could open some doors for that lucky individual and change their life... who knows what the future holds.

5. MSG: Where do you see yourself artwise, in the next 5/10 years?
TL: I take every day as it arrives. Each day brings new challenges, opportunities and blessings for me so my vision in 5-10 years could be far from what I imagine today. However, I do have a general plan for my life of course and in the next 5-10 years I will be comfortable and stable in my finances, lifestyle etc... 2011 will be a year which I believe will set this off, we have so many great things planned for this year, I honestly believe that. I also have ambitions with my writing, as an artist or even to begin acting... there are so many aspects of life that I still have to discover.
 6. MSG: I Live Hiphop is a great website and is generally catered to grassroots forms of hiphop, was that intentional when you started? If so, why?
TL: Thanks, it's great when people recognise the hard work of everyone involved with the website. Really, I had no intentions when I created "I Live Hip Hop". I mean it started out as a facebook group just to express our love for hip hop and the numbers really picked up and people enjoyed what we were doing. As the numbers continued to grow I recognised we had a loyal audience and decided to take this opportunity to create the website for I Live Hip Hop and even further show our love for the culture and the artists involved. The fans and our staff make I Live Hip Hop the success that it is, so thanks to all our fans and the I Live Hip Hop family... Marco A. Martinez, Unk Funk, Nuff Said, Shawn E. Baker, Ryan Buley, Pamela Taylor, Poetic Slave and SamPaul.

7. MSG: The Glass in front of you is half full or empty?
TL: Always half full. I fully believe that the type of outlook you have on life will be the type of life you lead and hence thats the reason why I always look at life from a positive view... in fact, im often told that I am too positive about everything and it can irritate people but that's life, a positive person is probably a better person to associate yourself with than a negative person so I also look to network with like minded people.
Get to Know Twinn Loco personally, shout out to the entire UK
Twitter: @TwinnLoco @WuTangDjs

Friday, June 3, 2011

Call and Response - Mrs. Betty's Son

1. MSG: What is your Official title in the world of Poetry ?
MBS: the street poet, but im so much more cant doubt the fact i got layers,we up.

2. MSG: Do you have a favorite piece of work in your collection?

3. MSG: We recently lost Gil Scott heron, Describe him to me... One word

4. MSG: Who is your favorite writer ? Its Ok to say yourself.

5. MSG: What's next on the menu for u?

6. MSG: There's a glass on the table, half full or empty?

7. MSG: Any last words?

Watch Mrs Betty's Son in Action!
Shyster aka Mrs Betty's Son also
hosts the weekly open mic event "Jus Words" . See him live every thursday, 9Pm-1Am
Dowling's Palace 1310 N. Broad St. Philadelphia, Pa, 19121 ( 8 Years running strong! )

Call and Response - HustlaJay

1. MSG: When did u fall in love with hiphop?
HJ: since childhood i was born holding a mic on de pam of my hand..and my dad was a dj so since creation

2. MSG: What's ur favorite song of your catalog?
HJ: }minyororo ya haki{chains of rights}

3. MSG: Name ur most infuential artist or group
HJ: Common- a great creativity so poetic

4. MSG: If u could start ya career over,would u?
HJ: nope,  i feel my genesis was great n its hard since I am on my revolution revelation for tomorrows generation...

5.MSG: Where do u see Hiphop in 5/10 years?
HJ: hiphop will be the daily chronicles of our society is will be the tool for change ...the only song of true vibes n teachings...

6. MSG: What's next on the menu for u ?
HJ: working on a new song to show the difference between the rich and the poor..the gap [tajiri maskini

7. MSG: There's a glass on the table, is it half full or empty ?
HJ: in fact am reaching for that glass half full

Check out Hustlajay's music below!

Call and Response - Nuff Said

1. MSG: When did u fall in love with hiphop?

 NS: I fell In love with hip hop back in middle school around 1998 .

2. MSG: What's ur favorite song of your catalog?
NS:  da answer is all of my songs really cuz its mainly my own dairy , my own own book , the day to day lessons i learned and wanted to share with of my brothers and sisters , but a special song i wrote i would like to mention is RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE , to help cultivate my listeners Knowledge , a track to add fuel to the fire of revolution around the world , witch is aimed at Ignorance , Dictatorship , and Drug trade ! Nuff Said .... :)

3. MSG: Name ur most infuential artist or group
NS: DITC , Wu Tang , Gangstarr , The Roots , Common, Supastition

4. MSG: If u could start ya career over,would u?
I honestly wouldn't and the reason is i am pretty satisfied with how far i came. i am also satisfied with the connects i reached out to and became in touch with while makin a name for self through networking , the thing that tells me that i am on track and its only a matter of time before i start making them gigantic moves rockin wid da best ..

5.MSG: Where do u see Hiphop in 5/10 years?
NS: we all seen hip hop go down hill in the last decade or so , and the lyrical revolution is coming back hard , cuz true heads and ppl who appreciate good music are getting sick of the wackness in pop-rap these days , so Intellectual lyrical content is comin back and i see another 1994 a head in 5-10 years. With Enough grinding from underground artists and the proper support from Underground labels we can make it happen .

6. MSG: What's next on the menu for u ?

NS: Right Now i am planning an album with one of the most talented people who had personally inspired me to do better. When i first approached him a few years back before i started recording and he kinda ignored me , it gave me the motivation to work even harder and prove that i am about it and steal his attention before any one. thanks to my brother and main man DJ SOTUSURA in Jordan Also Stage performances World wide will follow the album, i am set to feature well established underground artists from the middle east Such as Ramallah Underground , MC Palestine AKA Ledr p ( Sweden ) , Emcee Nejma ( ATL ) , Hanzo The BeatMaker and Emcee Progress ( Sweden ) Elie Nakhle AKA Lipos ( Beirut , Lebanon ) also workin on collaborations from The US And many more ...

7. MSG: Independant or major,which do u favor?
NS: well we all like making money , but I am one person who also likes speakin my mind and Exercising my right to speak freely while makin Enough money to live comfortably. I  am with the underground lyrical movement Its all about the ART FORM and keepin the culture alive so for now Independent ...

Check out NUFF SAID on below!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Call and Response - Nyraine

1. MSG: When did u fall in love with hiphop?

NY: I fell in Love with Hip-Hop in the 1st grade. On the first day of school at Lunch time there was a big crowd around the table, I couldn't help but to see what was going on. I saw the older kids rhyming and beating on the table, everybody was smiling & laughing at the punch lines. Kids that didn't even get along with each other was like best friends just for that very moment and that's when I felt the true power of Hip-Hop & I immediately fell in Love!~

2. MSG: What's ur favorite song of your catalog?
  • NY: I hate to have to pick a favorite because I have a special relationship with all songs that I compose :):) (But) Born Universal Truth if I have to pick one I would say "Ny's Joy" which is a tribute song to my Mother, who is my "Old Earth". For many reasons, mainly because of the way it makes people feel when they hear it.Unintentionally at least 80% of the people men & women start to cry when they hear that song. Which I think is amazing and I never expected that song to touch people & make a impact like that. That's my favorite excuse to continue a career in Poetry/Hip-Hop & R&B.

    3. MSG: Name ur most infuential artist or group
    NY: Stevie Wonder is my Favorite Artist. He always spoke about Love which I think when uncondition, its a reflection of Heaven. There's a lot of grace in his artistry & I was super blessed for being given the oppurtunity to sing back up and perform in front of millions of people all over the world along side him at the 1995 billboard awards.

    4. MSG: If u could start ya career over,would u?
    NY: No.. I wouldn't change a thing.

    5.MSG: Where do u see Hiphop in 5/10 years?
    NY: More Poetic :):) I see lyrical content being vauled a lot more and I plan on being responsible for most of that.

    6. MSG: What's next on the menu for u ?
    NY: Underground Rail Road Tour this June 2011. I have up and coming projects titled "Style of a Street Poet" & "Street Astrology" so be on the look out 4 that. Finally, the 36 Chambers School of Emceeing Competition

    7. MSG: Independant or major,which do u favor?
    NY: It completely depends. It takes the perfect combanation of talent, money & connections to shine at a extremely recognizable level sometimes it can be done independantly and sometimes it takes a major everybody is different and what works for one person might not work for you. I do a little of both.
      Link up with Nyraine below! Shout to Wu Tang Management 2011

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang : Album Review

" Can i get a juice Lord? "- Raekwon from "Troublemakers" Hilarious!
Rae is as animated as ever. Fast forward only a few short months after ghost's "Apollo Kids" sizzled the airwaves, The Chef returns precisely where Cuban Linx 2 left off. After a brief cinematic intro between two clan members in turmoil, sampled directly from a classic shaolin vs wu flick, Rae jumps right into the mix with his kitana already bloody. The production alone sounds as if he's coming for blood. " you shoot n we spray / kill of them old buzzards" Classic Lex Diamond shit! The story mode kicks into high gear by the time Tony Starks makes his first appearance on "Silver Rings" and just as you get into the wicked groove, the tracks abruptly switches and we enter "Chop Chop Ninja" . Here we hear Rae fighting his way through an assassination attempt, the song sets the tone early and lets you know we're in for a hell of a classic tale. " He threw a kick at me / I backslapped him / i pulled out the mack, he kicked it outta my hand , how real that? " Brilliant at least. Accompanied by Inspectah deck sounding a decade younger and Estelle shadowboxing on the hook , Chef definitely cooked up an anthem with this one. "Butterknives" could easily be a Cuban Linx 2 cut ( the video is surely reminiscent of "Incarcerated scarfaces" ) and is probably the grimiest track on Shaolin Vs. Next we're back at "Snake pond" where our hero if only for a brief moment catches up with the assailant that attacked him earlier. Armed with some info he's on the trail to get to the bottom of the situation. The scene set by the instrumentation puts you in the mindframe of an authentic Kung Fu flick. The backdrop then melts into an equally asiatic vibe, serenading you while it kills. Busta Rhymes pops up in true when disaster strike fashion to finish off the lush production, as he's oh so known for.
Just when you think its time to slow the headrush down, Nas enters the movie to play wingman as they anchor "Rich n Black" deep into the concrete. Complete with Farrakhan samples, we are treated to classic line for line rhymes detailing the trials, triumphs and overall history of black success and pain. As if that isn't enough, we are treated by another gem titled "From the Hills" featuring Mr. M.e.t.h.o.d. himself Johnathon Blazini and philly crooner "Raheen Devaughn" ( i thought that was Curtis Mayfield at first, wow! ) the horns alone make this another Wu Banger. Likewise, '"Dart School" turns "we the people who are darker than blue" - by Curtis Mayfield  into a masterpiece! The Story concludes with the jewel "Masters of our face" ft. Black Thought of The Roots , a sure-fire slow burner that will keep your player on constant repeat. As tariq puts it "when i was pushed outta the womb the earth spun / the only way to describe this is inertia " ...HEAVY! despite a few out of place songs like "Rock n Roll" and "Last Train to Scotland" The Chef yet again strikes lightening and proves that in an era consumed by the artificial, real can and will still win..Peace to the GOD! let's get that Cuban Linx 3 Chef, i got a plate ready...Suuuuuuu
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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Home is no longer where hatred is! R.I.P. Gil Scott Heron

*exhales.... * Hmm where do i start? May 27th marks another great loss for our artistic community.
First, if you don't know who Gil Scott Heron is please shoot yourself now! Next, if you survive you may join the rest of us and continue reading on. Some call this renaissance man the Godfather of hiphop ( he once claimed he's not sure if he can take the BLAME for rap ), others just call him a brilliant writer and orator. Me personally, i would call him BOTH. along with The Last Poets of course. With a career that begin in 1970 and spanned decades up until his untimely death, it was obvious the revolution need not be televised, as he was determined to be the voice of that change up until the very end. There was no hopes for retirement, at least not a permanent one.

2010 alone saw a resurgence of his passion, wit, angst and overall love as he returned with the album "I'm new here" . The afore-mentioned "Godfather of rap" moniker would be even harder to dispute as he was not only sampled on consecutive projects by the likes of Talib Kweli, Common and Kanye West recently , he even sampled Kanye's "Flashing Lights" on the album. That same album also features HipHop icon Nas. 
Just as plagued as any of us, what made Gil so polarizing was his strength to face those demons on the world's stage while many if not most of us refuse to confront ours even in solitairy.  Ask rapper AZ about his album "Pieces Of a Man" and see if Mr. Heron's name doesn't fly out his mouth. I imagine both Gil and recently deceased pioneer "Guru" from Gangstarr in the studio right now. Michael Jackson's doing the choreography while Isaac Hayes produces the music!
( one can only dream )...I don't want to focus on the fact that he's gone, i'd rather reflect on the work he did when he was here. If u can hear me or read this Brother Gil, wether you accept credit/blame or not, your views,will and unwaveringly commitment to telling the truth through your artistry definitely help created me!.. i will Leave with a quote from the good brother on today's rap community and what he feels will keep us creating,inspiring and enpowering for generations to come. Peace to the GOD! Travel in light!

    "HipHop artists need to be more articulate and artistic. They need to study music. I played in several bands before i began my career as a poet. There's a big difference between putting words over some music, and blending those same words into music. There's not alot of humor. They use alot of slang and colloquialisms, and you dont't really see inside the person. instead you just get alot of posturing. - Gil scott heron

Call and Response - EQ Philly

1. MSG: When did u fall in love with hip hop?
EQ: I was 11 when I saw Beat Street and started emulating popping and break dancing. It was an outlet for what I was going through in my life. I was in a group home, so it was a way of expression, and an outlet to meet new people.

2. MSG: What's ur favorite song of your catalog?
EQ: Wow..there was no one song that made my experience, but I can say that conscious hiphop, and funk really set the tone for my life. Today the game is flooded with commercialism, so I am just trying to adapt and add my personal flavor to what's happening now.

3. MSG: Name ur most influential artist or group.
EQ: KRS One, Public Enemy, Eric B and Rakim, and the Roots were at the top for influence. However, people like LL, Biz Markie, Slick Rick, Dana Dane, Fat Man Scoop, and Big Daddy Kane helped my party vibe.

4. MSG: If u could start ya career over, would u?
EQ: I would have been more focused. I opened up for some big name people in the past but I didn't capitalize on the connections. I opened up for Dru Hill, Biggie, KRS One and a few others when I use to work at Dances Nite Club in Philly. I would be more business minded on top of being an artist. I would reach out to more fans. They are who buy your music.

5.MSG: Where do u see Hip hop in 5/10 years?
EQ: It will be a Cross genre. Because technology is so advanced it will just be a category that people choose on their MP3 player or whatever new device they make.

6. MSG: What's next on the menu for u ?
EQ: I am working on another movie. My first one was called "Concealed Habitat" which can be found on my website. The new one, I am trying to find some good people who are willing to do a no budget appearance.
I have new music coming soon. My son and I have a CD together, and just basically touring and looking for shows to build my fan base.

7. MSG: Independent or major, which do u favor?
EQ: I favor Indie labels. You are the Boss of your destiny. However I would still continue with major distribution. You can only go as far as your resources.
                          Check out EQ Philly's new video " All That" below....

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Call and Response - Tommy Stars

1. MSG:  When did u fall in love with hiphop? TS: I never fell in love wuth hiphop, i fell in love with musik. i cant honestly remember when that occured, I believe i was born with that love embedded in my DNA.

2. MSG: What's ur favorite song of your catalog? TS: Sheesh!!....1? lol uuummmmm i have a new favorite everytime i play them. Ima say "Starship" as of now but i have a new one i just wrote too.

3. MSG: Name ur most infuential artist or group. TS: Sheeshhh... you killin me.. i honestly can'y say just one cause my influence comes from numerous artist. Ima say Jodeci, Queen, Madonna, Mase, Drake.

4.MSG:  If u could start ya career over,would u? TS: No. Everything up to this point has been a learning experience. Everything good and bad. My bad choices helped me see different sides of people in my former circles as well as people not in my circle. I would change nothing. God puts me in every situation that i fall into with a purpose.

5 MSG: .Where do u see Hiphop in 5/10 years? TS: as 1 genre. Like pop n RnB fused. RnB and hiphop is basically one in the same at this point. I see it being broken down to two types of musik, the stuff that sells and the stuff that doesn't. lol The internet is making it that way

6. MSG:  What's next on the menu for u ? TS: Love Muzik is a project i've been working on for a long time now. Movie/Cd, that's my focus.

7. MSG: Independant or major,which do u favor? TS: Major... i'm not a rapper, i believe my music needs that major push.....

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Call and Response - Rapscall

1. M.S.G: When did u fall in love with hiphop? R.S: I fell in love with hip-hop when I first saw Krush Groove.. I was always hearing the music, but seeing that many hip-hop stars in one movie did it for me!
2. M.S.G: What's ur favorite song of your catalog? R.S: Favorite song of my catalog is Out Of Reach ft my fam Josi Wellz & E-Val Styles!
3. M.S.G:  Name ur most infuential artist or group. R.S: Most influential group Wu Tang Clan, but Black Moon is the reason I picked up a mic!
4. M.S.G:  If u could start ya career over,would u? R.S: If I could start my career over I would. Would of did a lot of things different far as the way I used to handle business & the people in my circle!
5. M.S.G: Where do u see Hiphop in 5/10 years? R.S: In 5/10 years I see hiphop completely digital & I look for more artists to be running their own labels as we are starting to see already. Change gone come, lol (Sam Cooke Voice)
6. M.S.G:  What's next on the menu for u ? R.S: Next on my menu is to release another mixtape titled "Praying For My Enemies" it consists of a number of mixtape tracks I recorded from 2003 up untill now that I never put out.. Hosted by my dude C-Styles with production by the legendary Easy Mo Bee on the song "My Life"!
7. M.S.G:  Independant or major,which do u favor? R.S:  I favor independent all day, these majors arent for the artists! I dont do it for fame!

Check out Rapscall's latest mixtape below!

Call and Response - EBurnas

1. MaxxSteeltheGOD: When did you fall in love with HipHop? EBurnas: when Run Dmc was the dopest niggas out!
2. MSG: What is your favorite song of your catalogue?  EB: Of my whole body of work? MSG: Yes. EB: It would probably be a new song I got called "Getaway" .
3. MSG: Name your most influential artist or group EB: 2Pac and Nas, group i say Outkast.
4. MSG: If you could start your career over, would you? EB: Naw, what i learned in the game made me a great artist and person.
5. MSG: Where do you see HipHop in 5/10 years? EB: Ran by the artists and not the labels.
6. MSG: What's next for you on the menu? EB: More music,shows greatness in its purest form.
7. MSG: Independant or major, which do you favor? EB: I say both major for exposure and independant for business

EBurnas just released a new album "Welcome To My World" april 12th, courtesy of Island DefJam Music Group.....Check it out below!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ceelo Green's "Lady Killer" HIPHOP OR NOT ?

First and foremost, "F*** You!" was my favorite suprise hit of 2010. with that said, "Lady Killer" is one of my favorite albums of last year,maybe even the decade. Rather than a traditional album review, i opted to tackle a debate amongst both critics and the streets alike. that debate is: " Is Ceelo's new album hiphop?" To me, that question brings to mind both Lauryn Hill's "Miseducation" and Andre 3000's "The Love Below" respectively. The biggest arguments the naysayers have is that there's little to no rapping on these records. Those who approve the stamp of hiphop have a broader sense of understanding of the culture and conclude that the music is defined by the artist rather than the genre of music one creates. I personally lean towards the latter. Allow me to explain...Enter "Lady Killer"
The album opens with "It's alright"- a record that musically resembles Billie Jean ( i can see Michael Jackson smiling down from his ranch in the afterlife ) and already you can tell this is no Gnarles Barkley album,this is a more sinister mission. Make no mistake though, his Dungeon Family roots go deep and i can only wonder what a 3 Stacks/Green full length would sound like! Songs like "Old Fashioned" "Bodies" and "No One's Gonna Love you" are true soul records no doubt and Mr. Green even channels Luther vandross on "I Want You" . Peep game though, Salaam Remi ( Nas' Made You Look, Thief's Theme ) produced one of the album's most elaborate cuts of the collection. "Love Gun"not only sounds as it could've been recorded by Luther Ingram and The Charmells, it also shows how diverse hiphop producers really are. In that frame of thinking, those abilities have to, and will extend to the artist themselves. Whether Lauryn Hill is killing them softly with a song,rapping at the speed of light or reciting spoken word, it is still HipHop! Ever notice we call Mary j.Blige the Queen Of HipHop? , i have yet to hear her spit a bar :-) What do u think America? talk to me!


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