Monday, October 8, 2012


Today, we have a million and one reasons to be frustrated, a sea of frowns to swim through is currently drowning out the cries for hope. This is what i wanted to convey with this monsterpiece.
Im not gonna review my own album because i always felt thats corny of an artist to do.
Instead, ill break it down to atoms so you can gain a crystal light insight of how i write, right ?

For those who know me, i never been a one hit or single chaser type of MC,
im a conceptual builder from the lineage of Rakim, Eminem n em.
This is a sort of an " A Day in the life of.... " kinda album. Allow me to take U thru a day wit me ;-)
          < CLICK  on any song title to HEAR the FULL record if u feel like freeloading lol  >

THE 1ST 48
                              ( The First 48 )  I wanted to set the album off with just a ill word orgy
 to show the listeners where they was headed. Those who know about the NGE,
yall know the numerology and the studies so you know we do that almost second nature-like.
I didnt want just a nondescript verse somebody's gonna fast forward as a bullshit intro.
i said BOOM! , imma do 48 bars straight,  since it IS the intro, imma call it the FIRST 48.
To set it off, i found a episode of the show, sampled that, came up with the production,
put the nails in the coffin, and the first body was on the sidewalk....

Frinda Phoe
           ( Frinda Phoe ) Thats just a reflection of when you reach a point in your life,
or career or what have you, and you stop biting your tongue
 cuz you been sensing heat for a while, from ones closest to you.
i know for a futhamuckin fact every one of us wore them pants to school at least once.
So, thats was the energy, i studied all of you in silence, now im ASKIN out loud,
you my FRIEND or my FOE ? But im also SAYIN, YO! i already know which way you gone go, that's the secret to how Bruce Leeroy achieved his glow.
Its like a jab at a dude who hang around you but, he despise you on some level.
Then on the entandre of that, its a slap at a bitch like " do you just see something in it for you,
 or do you see something in me " . It's like, if you have a woman and you're an MC for example,
if she want nothing to do with you in that element she ain't for you or behind you,
but she will definitely willfully take the benefits if it happens for you.
 Just Real Talk, niggas or Bitches, the same deception....
Check these few bars for example: 
" Mercy me, mami marriage material, but my money on her mind n she ain't helpin me make it. "
" Hustled so i earned every penny i'm about to see/ let me get this straight,
 i owe you niggas for doubtin me ? " ( Those two bars give u a nutshell full of gunpowder residue )

Carrot Cake
' Carrot Cake ' - I cant even write this one in parenthesis.
I really wanted to just deliver it simple as pie. This is how you bake a cake,
showin U how to grind. So u know, each ingredient is a different move you make as u grind.
 you blend em and get your cake, thats your trap bein sprung, whether its legal or street.
Anybody that works in anyway for their bread can relate to the thirst for cheese
 and how the maze can have us. I just wanted to touch on that like a catholic priest.
 The tails of the coin is that the darkside of the grind comes in.
You get those who feel you owe them, usually just cuz u know them,
so i just wanted to show them woah! slow ya role bro'hem.
And Its also to prepare folks who havent started this road yet, for whats ahead of them.
The icing on the cake is conquering all the missteps n bad measurements
 and getting it out the oven how you want and finally sittin down
with that cold ass glass of milk ( SILK for me, if possible )
and lookin at your accomplishment before you devour it.
I painted that scenery satisfactory for self.

The skits and everything,  i designed to flow with the album a certain way,
shape it like i usually do but with less reliance on traditional sonics and all.
i always do but i freak the bitch in a way that gives it that HIPHOP knock
 so you never feel as it's gone. Like, if i sampled Shania Twain,
you would still know its a rap record, unless i made it to be otherwise.

She Look Yummy
( She look Yummy )
This was done initially for one of my family formely of WU-TANG MANAGEMENT.
Its still in the works so i dont wanna speak on it until details are ironed out
and we get some newtorks poppin, ABC might be needin me soon , who knows but,
 the concept of the song is really settin the story of the album.
By now, u got the intro, you got the telling of who's who,
you got the grind being foreshadowed, then you have the day unraveling..
last night was wild, now my hairy ass in the shower sad cuz mami left for work.
thats WHY im blue lol. So then, we have the ride to the store, BOOM !
 im in the wheel @ the light, my homey calls and im talkin to him but,
i see a shorty at the bus stop so im describin her to him.
Last verse, im in line at the market, and its another hottie at the register
( My mind's in overload like omg, i would love to smash dat,
but i cant wifey nigga, wifey ! lol )All three circumstances just coincide with the title.

Power Nap
Power nap ( 30 Minutes ) was another numeric entandre. Just like first 48 was how many ?
Power nap is 30 bars. its a short story describin gettin the house ready for wifey,
 after all the street runnin, grabbin the weed, cleanin up,
 then takin a quick half hour nap before she's expected home.
Its followed by the single " Time and a half "
 Which goes into detail about the day she's had at work
 and the night i have planned for her and ends wit the conclusion of her arriving
and the plan being puttin into proper production, patna !


i wanted to close the album, not just on a metaphoric note but with a literal overtone
 that would have a visual sound, if that phrase means sense to u lol.
It was like a " John Q" situation where im like " I walk in the room, put my gun on the desk,
dare nobody to move n i state my case but im lettin you know, you can kill me where i stand but,
 im not leavin without my briefcase ! Whats in the briefcase is whatever YOU want it to be,
same as me. Im tellin these rich devils , " Yo! i got yall kids bein picked up from school,
im willin to lose my life in here, im not negotiating, what you have BELONGS TO ME,
and i will not DEBATE you for it. the song's preceeded by another skit/numeric entandre.
Its the "16th floor". just as simple but, harder to deliver.
You got 16 bars to describe a ride to he 16th floor in a elevator
 and you gotta make it interesting and tie it to the next song while keepin the story
 and characters consistent and swaggin it out and creatin the atmosphere
 that you sorta forget its an album, its sounds almost like audio of somebody
really just describin this event. The conclusion is....#GetYOURS!!!

In a world full of bullshitters, transparent frienemies, foes and struggle,
Frowns aint hard to be found, especially if you black or anywhere near brown...

Thats it, i leave yall to write your own reviews, if you wanna email me them,
do so at, i will post your review if you want,
i love all criticism.
Peace, Heiwa and Hotep.