Sunday, June 12, 2011

Call and Response - Frank Mcqueen

1. MSG: You came up as a rapper, what inspired your transition into an author?
FM: Money and maturity, at the time rap wasn't working so....onto the next grind!

2. MSG: What is your relationship with hiphop today? Love, hate or indifference?
FM: It will always be in my heart. i may not like alot of the music out today but i still and will always love it as an art form regardless.

3. MSG: If you could change one thing about your career, what would it be?
FM: I would've recognized my highest potential earlier.

4. MSG: What is the most valuable lesson you have learned concerning your artistry?
FM: Its hard work, 24 hour a day grind. alotta politics, networking. Even as your own boss, you still have to answer to your public!

5. MSG: Do you see yourself still active on the music side of things in five years?
FM: Yea, no doubt. Ultimately even if i don't rap, i'd like to keep my ear to the streets. Get my management thing on but regardless, i'll always be a listener.

6. MSG: There's a glass on the table, is it half full or empty?
FM: The Glass always half full man, gotta remain optimistic.we up against enough negativity. Gotta squeeze some positivity in there sumwhere!

7. MSG: anything you wanna add for the readers?
FM: Do what you can in life. Do what makes you happy but, make sure you can see that as a reality. When you can see that, put ALL your time into it and make it happen..

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