Sunday, July 15, 2012

THREE WORDS......Life Is Good!
More than just a positive mantra to live by, arguably hiphop's greatest MC "NAS" embodies such a spirit on his tenth studio album. That's nine since illmatic you sunza bitches! The once chipped tooth kid with the "fuck tomorrow motto" is alive and fresh as ever on this outing and seems bent on cherishing his present while speculating the future. The past is not at all lost on him nether, as evident from the first searing track, sarcastically titled "NO INTRODUCTION". Over a piano ensemble that builds into drastic strings and theatrical drumrolls, he gets right to business explaining why exactly life is indeed good from his perspective. Sounding crisp as new Dickies while he reminisces on what got him from that project bench to madison Square Garden, its apparent he intends to leave no lyrical stone unturned this go round. The genius continues next as NO I.D delivers a hypnotic 90's esque backdrop complete with train riding sound effects and turbulance, Mr. Jones spits a few miles of gravel for us trapped in the glory days of the game. LOCO-MOTIVE is a double entendre strictly for the streets. I can see the video for this one. All kinds of people on that sub car while he rhymes to the public via animated posters on the walls. 2012 is here indeed.

Once "QUEENS STORY" hits, All hell breaks loose! The assault begins with Salaam Remi's racing violins and whirlwind horns, leaving Nas alone to tell one of the jaw droppinest stories of his career. "Goosebumps cover me, momma's here i can feel her /blood of christ covers me, our savior and healer. " Put ya glass high...Adrenaline increases as THE DON addresses wanna be gangstas on "ACCIDENT MURDERERS" with the aid of Ricky Rozay. Nothing short of a banger, the instrumentation alone sends chills as the two MCs trade sizzling verses, complementing each others chemistry respectively.
One listen to DAUGHTERS instantly brings ONE LOVE to mind. Just as visual and poignant, NO I.D. again captures the lightening in a bottle. Mary j shows up to spread love on REACH OUT. The throwback samples, classic drums and concise rhyming makes this another to keep on repeat, while CHERRY WINE reminds you exactly what a huge talent we lost in Amy Whinehouse :(

. The only slow moment that really shows up is on SUMMER ON SMASH. More Miguel and less Swizzy would've worked better, but thats just me. Lyrically its a gem that should definitely give radio what they want and smash the clubs right next to the THE DON, R.I.P. Heavy D! Another pristine piece of production is STAY, one of Esco's best performances of the whole project is here. When he said this project would resemble Marvin Gaye's "HERE,MY DEAR" he was dead serious. Between BYE BABY and ROSES, a sense of closure of the KELIS situation approaches.
The sharp wit, passion, flow, lyrical dexterity and overall formulation of this album succeeds where a few of his previous releases missed the mark. HIPHOP IS DEAD was close. UNTITLED was closer.
"Hood forever, i just act like im civilized. really whats in my mind is organizin a billion black muthafuckas to take over J.P. Morgan, Goldman n Saks n teach the world facts n give Saudi their oil back. "...... At this point, my only real gripe is that AZ didn't make the cut. Ah Well, im hearin the album wit Preemo is next up, maybe we will get Allah Zig on that joint. Well balanced beats matched with heavily focused and layered rhymes alone make not a great NAS album. The storytelling is the key. BLACK BOND is not only cinematic, the flow crazy as Mitt Romney's political supporters! On THE WORLD IS AN ADDICTION,
Anthony hamilton lends his powerful vocal cadence to one of the sickest concepts ever uttered from Nasir Jones. rather than try to describe it, i'll give you the third verse below so you can judge for self.
YOU WOULDNT UNDERSTAND and BACK WHEN are so classic in sound, its spooky lol
In summation, its time to clear space on your CD rack or IPOD again. One more heater to add to the collection, i aint gotta go no further in depth. Yall know what it's like, this'll be in your system every night :-)


So many vices, habits; mine of course, bad chicks
My response to any advice on what is the essentials of life
I'm just rebellious, not selfish

Guess we all share different definitions of what wealth is
I need the best things in life -- that's women, that’s cars
Cigars in Venice, bottle on ice, that’s priceless
The other night, just in the emergency room
A patient said she needs to see a doctor soon

Doctor busy operating on a lady who's sedated
He can barely concentrate, cause he’s newly separated
His estranged wife likes entertaining her acquaintance
In the house they were married in, mad people waiting

Some young some old, heads and stomachs aching
Filling out an application, cause they all need medication
But the doctor need love or a quick vacation, calling up his travel agent
Same time, premeditating murdering his ex wife
Life, savage ain't it
Some need Xanax, just to maintain it
We all need faith cause the world keep changing
Let go of the illusion, start some restraining...


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  1. Quincy StallworthJuly 19, 2012 at 5:23 AM

    What can I say that isn't already written. Nas is hot.