Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Call and Response - Rapscall

1. M.S.G: When did u fall in love with hiphop? R.S: I fell in love with hip-hop when I first saw Krush Groove.. I was always hearing the music, but seeing that many hip-hop stars in one movie did it for me!
2. M.S.G: What's ur favorite song of your catalog? R.S: Favorite song of my catalog is Out Of Reach ft my fam Josi Wellz & E-Val Styles!
3. M.S.G:  Name ur most infuential artist or group. R.S: Most influential group Wu Tang Clan, but Black Moon is the reason I picked up a mic!
4. M.S.G:  If u could start ya career over,would u? R.S: If I could start my career over I would. Would of did a lot of things different far as the way I used to handle business & the people in my circle!
5. M.S.G: Where do u see Hiphop in 5/10 years? R.S: In 5/10 years I see hiphop completely digital & I look for more artists to be running their own labels as we are starting to see already. Change gone come, lol (Sam Cooke Voice)
6. M.S.G:  What's next on the menu for u ? R.S: Next on my menu is to release another mixtape titled "Praying For My Enemies" it consists of a number of mixtape tracks I recorded from 2003 up untill now that I never put out.. Hosted by my dude C-Styles with production by the legendary Easy Mo Bee on the song "My Life"!
7. M.S.G:  Independant or major,which do u favor? R.S:  I favor independent all day, these majors arent for the artists! I dont do it for fame!

Check out Rapscall's latest mixtape below!

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