Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Call and Response - Tommy Stars

1. MSG:  When did u fall in love with hiphop? TS: I never fell in love wuth hiphop, i fell in love with musik. i cant honestly remember when that occured, I believe i was born with that love embedded in my DNA.

2. MSG: What's ur favorite song of your catalog? TS: Sheesh!!....1? lol uuummmmm i have a new favorite everytime i play them. Ima say "Starship" as of now but i have a new one i just wrote too.

3. MSG: Name ur most infuential artist or group. TS: Sheeshhh... you killin me.. i honestly can'y say just one cause my influence comes from numerous artist. Ima say Jodeci, Queen, Madonna, Mase, Drake.

4.MSG:  If u could start ya career over,would u? TS: No. Everything up to this point has been a learning experience. Everything good and bad. My bad choices helped me see different sides of people in my former circles as well as people not in my circle. I would change nothing. God puts me in every situation that i fall into with a purpose.

5 MSG: .Where do u see Hiphop in 5/10 years? TS: as 1 genre. Like pop n RnB fused. RnB and hiphop is basically one in the same at this point. I see it being broken down to two types of musik, the stuff that sells and the stuff that doesn't. lol The internet is making it that way

6. MSG:  What's next on the menu for u ? TS: Love Muzik is a project i've been working on for a long time now. Movie/Cd, that's my focus.

7. MSG: Independant or major,which do u favor? TS: Major... i'm not a rapper, i believe my music needs that major push.....

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