Saturday, May 28, 2011

Call and Response - EQ Philly

1. MSG: When did u fall in love with hip hop?
EQ: I was 11 when I saw Beat Street and started emulating popping and break dancing. It was an outlet for what I was going through in my life. I was in a group home, so it was a way of expression, and an outlet to meet new people.

2. MSG: What's ur favorite song of your catalog?
EQ: Wow..there was no one song that made my experience, but I can say that conscious hiphop, and funk really set the tone for my life. Today the game is flooded with commercialism, so I am just trying to adapt and add my personal flavor to what's happening now.

3. MSG: Name ur most influential artist or group.
EQ: KRS One, Public Enemy, Eric B and Rakim, and the Roots were at the top for influence. However, people like LL, Biz Markie, Slick Rick, Dana Dane, Fat Man Scoop, and Big Daddy Kane helped my party vibe.

4. MSG: If u could start ya career over, would u?
EQ: I would have been more focused. I opened up for some big name people in the past but I didn't capitalize on the connections. I opened up for Dru Hill, Biggie, KRS One and a few others when I use to work at Dances Nite Club in Philly. I would be more business minded on top of being an artist. I would reach out to more fans. They are who buy your music.

5.MSG: Where do u see Hip hop in 5/10 years?
EQ: It will be a Cross genre. Because technology is so advanced it will just be a category that people choose on their MP3 player or whatever new device they make.

6. MSG: What's next on the menu for u ?
EQ: I am working on another movie. My first one was called "Concealed Habitat" which can be found on my website. The new one, I am trying to find some good people who are willing to do a no budget appearance.
I have new music coming soon. My son and I have a CD together, and just basically touring and looking for shows to build my fan base.

7. MSG: Independent or major, which do u favor?
EQ: I favor Indie labels. You are the Boss of your destiny. However I would still continue with major distribution. You can only go as far as your resources.
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