Sunday, May 29, 2011

Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang : Album Review

" Can i get a juice Lord? "- Raekwon from "Troublemakers" Hilarious!
Rae is as animated as ever. Fast forward only a few short months after ghost's "Apollo Kids" sizzled the airwaves, The Chef returns precisely where Cuban Linx 2 left off. After a brief cinematic intro between two clan members in turmoil, sampled directly from a classic shaolin vs wu flick, Rae jumps right into the mix with his kitana already bloody. The production alone sounds as if he's coming for blood. " you shoot n we spray / kill of them old buzzards" Classic Lex Diamond shit! The story mode kicks into high gear by the time Tony Starks makes his first appearance on "Silver Rings" and just as you get into the wicked groove, the tracks abruptly switches and we enter "Chop Chop Ninja" . Here we hear Rae fighting his way through an assassination attempt, the song sets the tone early and lets you know we're in for a hell of a classic tale. " He threw a kick at me / I backslapped him / i pulled out the mack, he kicked it outta my hand , how real that? " Brilliant at least. Accompanied by Inspectah deck sounding a decade younger and Estelle shadowboxing on the hook , Chef definitely cooked up an anthem with this one. "Butterknives" could easily be a Cuban Linx 2 cut ( the video is surely reminiscent of "Incarcerated scarfaces" ) and is probably the grimiest track on Shaolin Vs. Next we're back at "Snake pond" where our hero if only for a brief moment catches up with the assailant that attacked him earlier. Armed with some info he's on the trail to get to the bottom of the situation. The scene set by the instrumentation puts you in the mindframe of an authentic Kung Fu flick. The backdrop then melts into an equally asiatic vibe, serenading you while it kills. Busta Rhymes pops up in true when disaster strike fashion to finish off the lush production, as he's oh so known for.
Just when you think its time to slow the headrush down, Nas enters the movie to play wingman as they anchor "Rich n Black" deep into the concrete. Complete with Farrakhan samples, we are treated to classic line for line rhymes detailing the trials, triumphs and overall history of black success and pain. As if that isn't enough, we are treated by another gem titled "From the Hills" featuring Mr. M.e.t.h.o.d. himself Johnathon Blazini and philly crooner "Raheen Devaughn" ( i thought that was Curtis Mayfield at first, wow! ) the horns alone make this another Wu Banger. Likewise, '"Dart School" turns "we the people who are darker than blue" - by Curtis Mayfield  into a masterpiece! The Story concludes with the jewel "Masters of our face" ft. Black Thought of The Roots , a sure-fire slow burner that will keep your player on constant repeat. As tariq puts it "when i was pushed outta the womb the earth spun / the only way to describe this is inertia " ...HEAVY! despite a few out of place songs like "Rock n Roll" and "Last Train to Scotland" The Chef yet again strikes lightening and proves that in an era consumed by the artificial, real can and will still win..Peace to the GOD! let's get that Cuban Linx 3 Chef, i got a plate ready...Suuuuuuu
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