Friday, June 3, 2011

Call and Response - Nuff Said

1. MSG: When did u fall in love with hiphop?

 NS: I fell In love with hip hop back in middle school around 1998 .

2. MSG: What's ur favorite song of your catalog?
NS:  da answer is all of my songs really cuz its mainly my own dairy , my own own book , the day to day lessons i learned and wanted to share with of my brothers and sisters , but a special song i wrote i would like to mention is RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE , to help cultivate my listeners Knowledge , a track to add fuel to the fire of revolution around the world , witch is aimed at Ignorance , Dictatorship , and Drug trade ! Nuff Said .... :)

3. MSG: Name ur most infuential artist or group
NS: DITC , Wu Tang , Gangstarr , The Roots , Common, Supastition

4. MSG: If u could start ya career over,would u?
I honestly wouldn't and the reason is i am pretty satisfied with how far i came. i am also satisfied with the connects i reached out to and became in touch with while makin a name for self through networking , the thing that tells me that i am on track and its only a matter of time before i start making them gigantic moves rockin wid da best ..

5.MSG: Where do u see Hiphop in 5/10 years?
NS: we all seen hip hop go down hill in the last decade or so , and the lyrical revolution is coming back hard , cuz true heads and ppl who appreciate good music are getting sick of the wackness in pop-rap these days , so Intellectual lyrical content is comin back and i see another 1994 a head in 5-10 years. With Enough grinding from underground artists and the proper support from Underground labels we can make it happen .

6. MSG: What's next on the menu for u ?

NS: Right Now i am planning an album with one of the most talented people who had personally inspired me to do better. When i first approached him a few years back before i started recording and he kinda ignored me , it gave me the motivation to work even harder and prove that i am about it and steal his attention before any one. thanks to my brother and main man DJ SOTUSURA in Jordan Also Stage performances World wide will follow the album, i am set to feature well established underground artists from the middle east Such as Ramallah Underground , MC Palestine AKA Ledr p ( Sweden ) , Emcee Nejma ( ATL ) , Hanzo The BeatMaker and Emcee Progress ( Sweden ) Elie Nakhle AKA Lipos ( Beirut , Lebanon ) also workin on collaborations from The US And many more ...

7. MSG: Independant or major,which do u favor?
NS: well we all like making money , but I am one person who also likes speakin my mind and Exercising my right to speak freely while makin Enough money to live comfortably. I  am with the underground lyrical movement Its all about the ART FORM and keepin the culture alive so for now Independent ...

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  1. Much props to Nuff Said! WE LIVE HIP HOP!!!|!

  2. Much respect for a real interview!! Keep up the great content and I will keep reading. Nuff said!!

  3. Feels very refreshing to see young hip hoppers comin back to the original aspects of hip hop. We need to recognize the 4 elemnts again and continue to give hip hop it's respect in the form of REAL music. Nuff Said is one of these peeps. Keep it up brother and much love from the old school hip hopper waiting to hear some good ish once again.

  4. for every one who loves hip hop ,this is hip-hop!! true words from nuff said,stay as allways true bro much respect from greece !!! we live hip-hop on the streets!!!!!! peace !!!!

  5. Much respect to my brother Nuff said!! one of the best out there..

  6. Dope artist & a real hip hop head!
    Mad respect to my brother nuff said! - Marco.

  7. As long as a man stands in his own way, everything seems to be in his way! my man i'm so happy for you but let you know something that this achievement was expected to me coz i know you personally, i know what you can do, you just keep it up! proud of you.

  8. man I Would Like To Thank You All From The Bottom Of My heart ! Cant express how much this meant to me ! You All family To me ! and only way is UP !

  9. Nuff Said's rise as a lyricist from an Arab background happens to coincide with the revolutions in the Arab world. These revolutions are taking place on many levels and Nuff Said is one of the lights of this process. Big ups to his evolution to a level where he can begin sharing the stage with his lyrical heroes. And big ups to DJ Sotusura for being an inspiration to many. Keep the faith ya'll! one

  10. Brother jackson ! this means alot , and ama do my part and make sure to pass the MSG ... much love to u and the fam in da mid east ...